Forget laxatives for constipation...try a "BLT Pizza" instead!

  1. Holy crap...literally! Has anyone ever tried a BLT pizza? It's made on a traditional pizza crust, but instead of sauce and cheese it has bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonaise on it. It tastes so good (I know it sounds gross!). Every time I get it I know I'm gonna suffer, especially since having my gallbladder out...what was I thinking!
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  3. by   angelbear
    I had this pizza once. It so rocks I love it but cant find it around here unless I make it myself. I need my gallbladder removed but am to chicken.
  4. by   jadednurse
    Angelbear, there's only one place near me that makes the BLT is sooo yummy. And I hear ya about the gallbladder, I kept putting it off. The first few days after surgery I was pretty sore, I thought I was being a big baby. But it was definitely better than the awful gallbladder attacks I was getting before surgery! It's just a matter of dealing w/ the inevitable E.B.M.(explosive bowel movements) when you eat things like BLT pizzas w/o a gallbladder!

    You know, only a nurse could discuss eating pizza and EBMs all in one sentence!
  5. by   angelbear
    So true. Unfortunately I also need a total hysterectomy and if I need both I want a dr to do them at the same time mine says it can be done but will be hard to find one willing with all my health probs. My dads gb surgery did not go well so kind of freaked me out . Do you get that pizza at a chain pizza joint or local.
  6. by   jadednurse
    It's a local pizza place. Never even heard of it before this place.

    Sorry to hear that your surgery would be so involved...I suppose BLT pizza is a rare indulgence then.
  7. by   angelbear
    Yes it is and I have to make it myself. Maybe I will fix it tomorrow sounds so good.
  8. by   Mkue
    It actually does sound pretty delicious !
  9. by   Angelica
    I love unique pizzas. Get kind of bored of the same 'ol thing.
  10. by   night owl
    EBM'S....Oh boy, look out! The joys of a gallbladderless body.....
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Except for the mayo . . .yuck. Otherwise, sounds good.

    Although . . .I did make a chicken recipe from Atkins last night . . mayo and parmesan cheese mixed together and poured over chicken and baked. Made a yummy crust.

  12. by   funnygirl_rn
    Sounds good! But, I don't eat mayonaise...don't like it.
  13. by   Angelica
    Mmmm, mayo--I love it. Goes with everything.
  14. by   jadednurse
    Mayo and ketchup w/ fries...yummy! No wonder I had gallstones! My gallbladder was working overtime!