For Women's Eyes Only?

  1. In my unit we share a common bathroom, men and women. Why is it that women normally says to a man after using the toilet that he forgot to put the seat back? The last I remember, I had to raise the seat up before I used it. So, why can't a woman put the seat back when she had to use it?

    Now, now... I don't mean to stir trouble. I'm just a curious male and I already learned my lesson. I always put the seat down afterwards.


    What a boring world it would be if women stopped talking.
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  3. by   nurs4kids
    lol, talino...haven't you learned yet? It's a woman's world!
  4. by   BrandyBSN
    I guess i could put the seat back up when I use it, but if I did, no one would be able to see the pretty green fluffy girly thing that I put on the lid to make it look "pretty".

    And if I ever sat down on the toilet, and the seat was up, and I planted my butt right down into the cold water... Well, If I WAS married, that would be grounds for divorce

    My fiance knows better than that He also doesnt leave clothing on the floor, and doesnt put his feet on the coffee table.

    What a great guy
  5. by   NICU_Nurse
    You know, slightly digressing here, I have NEVER woken up in the middle of the night and accidentally missed the toilet while urinating; my husband, on the other hand, HAS quite often. It's always such a lovely surprise to walk into the bathroom barefoot and groggy in the morning and feel the delightful sensation of sticky drops of wetness beneath your toes. Who do you think cleans up all of these messes, you guys? It 'aint your mama, lemme tell you! I know I'm not alone on this one... Toilet seats left up are one thing, but not hitting your target, sleepy or not, and leaving the mess for your doting spouse to clean up is quite another! Tell me again, girls, what we got out of this whole marriage thing? Rofl!

  6. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I have used public restrooms exclusively when I was a salesman on the road. Mens room toilet seats across the country resemble abstract art.
    There is no more vile, rude, uncivilized, inconsiderate an behavior, than leaving even the hint, let alone, viable specimens of your personal bodily fluids to be taken care of by someone else, or to have them discover those fluids by "tactile inspection".
    Just when I think I have seen it all, some creative neanderthal with one continuouse eyebrow marks his territory with an art form I have never witnessed. I have tiptoed through minefields of urine and slime, of which, etiology is better left unknown. I have "hovered"(ladies, you know what "hovering is don't cha) and had to roll my pantlegs up, and hold the rest

    So's the deal. I always lift the seat up, and I always put it back down For my sweetie at home. In the public domain In a unisex restroom I give the same consideration to chivalry.
    I look at it the same as opening a door for a lady(which I usually get sweet thank you's for) it's a matter of being a gentleman.

    Here's a trick for you guys the nextime you have microbiology lab flashbacks about the bottom of that seat.................Use your foot. Putting it back down is an aquired skill, but you'll get to where you can do it all with the bottom
  7. by   BrandyBSN
    what a nice guy you are Peeps! thanks! Im sure your sweetie appreciates that too.
  8. by   prmenrs
    In my unit, the one restroom is in the lounge, within sight and sound of the table where we all eat, chat, read the paper... Since the majority of personnel in the unit is female, social mores have been established:

    Voiding only, please. If there is major business to be accomplished, use a restroom somewhere elso on the floor--there are 2 or 3 others available.

    Guys are not to pee on the seat, and they must put the seat back down. One of them slams it down, so we know it isn't him if it's left up, LOL.

    Close the door on the way out, so whoevers sitting @ the table doesn't have to look at the toilet.

    There is a sink right outside the restroom, so wash your hands!!

    Pregos can take cuts if there's a line.

    All new personnel are informed of these behavioral expectations the very first morning they're here. That includes residents and med students--the nurse practitioners take care of that job!

    Violate these "rules" at your own peril!!!
  9. by   Jenny P
    Having been raised in a house with 6 women using 1 bathroom and the 3 males using the other, I was totally unaware that some men leave toilet seats up at night. While still a newlywed, I managed to groggily sit down one night right in the cold, cold water and gave a blood curdling scream! My poor husband never left the seat up again-- until recently; when I'm not here at night. Now HE's the one who sat down in the cold water and scared himself!!!!!!
  10. by   kennedyj
    I always put the seat down! That way you can't see the layer of plastic wrap that I have tightly stretched over the porcelain bowl!

  11. by   kewlnurse
    Originally posted by BrandyBSN

    My fiance knows better than that He also doesnt leave clothing on the floor, and doesnt put his feet on the coffee table.

    What a great guy

    Wait, that Will chang.

    PRMENRS-- Men "MUST" put the seat down?!?!?!, man your lucky you don't work with me, I'd leave it up just out of spite, in fact i'd go in the br every once in a while and leave it up just for the hell of it. The only thing we "must" do is die.
  12. by   galenight
    I figure if men are good enough to put the seat up or down, I'm good enough to put it down. It's really no big deal. Maybe it would be a big deal if I awoke in the night to go potty. But even while pregnant, I would look to see where the seat was. Shouldn't we all take some responsibility for ourselves? Sure, it's nice if it's down, but is it the end of the world if it isn't? I know some ladies are going to bash me for taking the other side, and I apologize in advance.. It's just my opinion.
  13. by   prmenrs
    kewl--I think I can kinda seeing you do that; other than the "major business" rule, the rest were from other people.

    I might laugh at your antics, but others in our unit could and would make your life a living hell!!! as more than one male has discovered. One doc in particular shared your philosophy until the Division Chief (male) took him aside for a little heart to heart. Since he was such an a$$ho1e anyway, we didn't much of an excuse to be the nurses from he11!

    It might help to visualize the lounge table about 6ft from the toilet. Attractive view while eating, esp. with the seat up!!

    My Dad had 3 daughters--the only time he EVER left the seat up was after he had been out @ sea for six months. The first night home, my Mom always made sure HE fished us out that night! After that he was good until another deployment!

    Actually, Kewl, in your case, I might let you leave the seat up--all that beer, nothing better get in your way!
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  14. by   Jenny P
    I forgot to mention that since I fell in the toilet as a newlywed, I have made sure there is a functioning night light in the BR since then (26 years ago). And my hubby STILL fell in himself!
    Kennedyj, some friends used that trick (with some kittylitter on it) to toilet train their cat! It was very interesting to see THAT toilet; as the time went by, they used less and less litter, then poked a whole in the plastic wrap, then finally removed it alltogether. It's quite a sight to sit in their family room and see the cat use the toilet-- you make sure you don't choose that viewing seat more than once!
    Kewl, you are HOPELESS!