For those who desire unity in prayer,

  1. "we" are here for you.

    when the world seems cold and your friends seems few, there is someone who cares for you. that some one is jesus or whomever you call on in the time of prayer.

    "how good and pleasant it is to dwell together in unity!"

    do you have any prayer requests, if so, please note them here so we my prayer for you and each other.
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  3. by   cwazycwissyRN
    right of hand i want to give thanks, for this day, for my family and our health, and for you . thank you!!!!!!i some how really needed this.
  4. by   Hidi74
    Stephany.....thank you for reminding me of this today. I have a huge prayer request. Any and all prayers are needed. My mommy is having tests run on monday to find out if there are some problems w/ her heart. She has been diagnosed w/ asthma for many years but she and her doc finally believe it is more. Her fingers have been turning blue and she has finally gotten worried enough to see a specialist. I am so scared.....I love her so much and can not imagine my life w/ out her. she is my best friend.............I have been so emotional today and when I saw this thread it all came out....all the tears I have been holding back all day. I thank you so much for reminding me that God sends people to help us when we are so scared. I would appreciate any and all prayers for my mommy..... I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   duckie
    Would appreciate rememberance of my hubby in your prayers. I would love to see this list continue and those of us that wish to participate can. I will add my prayers for all those that request it.
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    chrissy, your post is powerful! thanking him for the blessings and not saying a word about any troubles. thanks for your post.
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    yes, i will say a prayer for your mommy hidi and for you too.

    (((((hidi and your mom)))))
  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    duckie, consider it done.
  9. by   angelbear
    Awsome idea count me in.
  10. by   tabbeycatt
    Duckie and Hidi... my prayers are with you.

    Here is a poem I keep on my fridge:

    Good Morning God

    You are ushering in another day,
    untouched and freshly new,
    so here I come to ask you God
    if you'll renew me too?

    Forgive the many errors,
    that I made yesterday, and
    let me try again dear God,
    to walk closer in Thy way.

    But Father, I am well aware
    I can't make it on my own.
    So take my hand and hold it
    tight, for I can't walk alone.

    Let's continue to pray for one another.

  11. by   tabbeycatt
    My sister -in-law just got her results back from having an echo done and she has valve damage. She will have to go to the Cleveland Clinic to have open heart surgery. The valve damage was caused by taking the diet drug phen-phen about 6 years ago. Please remember her in your prayers. She and her hubby just built ther "dream house" and they have 3 children.

    thanks you guys!
  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    tabby, i am sorry to read this news and will pray for your sister-n-law and your family.