For the record...........

  1. My name is Debbye and I have been given the privilege of Moderating this form by Brian. I probably should have introduced myself before but I tend to stay in the backround unless I have something to say.

    There have been some questions recently related to deleted posts and/or threads. I do have the power but I have not used it in this form. I have found no reason to.

    I firmly believe in the free exchange of information, of opinions and even of attitudes as long as three things don't happen. The three no-no's are:
    *Frank advertisement
    *Unacceptable language (and I'm no prude, so it would have
    to be really, really bad nasty stuff); and
    *Outright, Out of Control personal attacks of another member
    (like something the courts might consider slanderous)

    I have found the posts here to be thought-provoking, up-lifting, educational, funny and sometimes sad. I enjoy reading them all, and have learned many new things (some of which I wish I didn't have to know about).

    If there is a post that you feel is offensive hit the moderator button and tell me why. I will review it and discuss it with Brian and than make a decision. I can't be here 24 hours a day to read every post so I may miss a few, but I will always reply to any private messages as soon as possible.

    May you all have peaceful days ahead,