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  1. Famous Faces: Legends
    9:30 pm Saturday 26 July 2003

    Famous Faces: McCartney screens again on ABC TV, Saturday July 26 at 9.30pm. This program will replace the previously scheduled Famous Faces: Cate Blanchett, which will now screen on Saturday, September 6.

    There can only ever be one Beatles. What they lived through, and the ground- breaking work they produced can never happen again. What was Beatlemania like for them? How does someone as famous as Sir Paul McCartney handle the knowledge that he is known everywhere on this planet, and that he has provided a soundtrack for all our lives?

    Here, for the first time he talks about how he copes with fame, how he and Linda built their lives together, and most importantly, how the Beatles came together as that "perfect square".

    He talks about his relationship with John Lennon, and we examine the role of the two most famous Beatles. Who really was the working class hero, and who was the artistic innovator who provided the motor for music's most enduring and biggest selling act of all time?

    Paul also identifies his many and varied sources of inspiration and we hear from those around him at the time. Beatle insiders such as Pete Best, George Martin and for the first time on film, Peter Asher, all assess Paul's contribution to popular art alongside musicians like Steve Miller, Donovan, Roger McGuinn, Brian Wilson, and Paul Kanter. There is also a rare opportunity to see Paul jamming alongside Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel, as well as recording tracks in the studio for his latest album "Driving Rain."

    Unfortunately I only causght the end of the program but for the first time Sir Paul talked about teh break up of the Beatles.

    The program ended with him saying that he does not think of himself as "Paul Mc Cartney" he is just the man who climbs in a car and goes and does things. If he thought of himself as "Paul Mc Cartney" he would never get his head around all that goes with the name. He came across as such as down to earth nice person that my respect for him, already very high rose even higher.
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  3. by   dianah
    Ditto, everything I've read about Paul McCartney echoes what you said in your last paragraph. Yes, there are rumors of family discord (mixed families, jealousies, rivalries -- who will get all the money???? -- but that's the media, and it all sounds like Two Families Integrated And What Can Occur No Matter What One Does ---------- in otherwords, HUMAN NATURE!)

    Gotta keep an eye out for that interview. Thanks, gwenith!