Food for thought...

  1. this is from the website of a terrific band called brave combo. heard them for the first time friday night. they play polka. and cha cha. and big band type stuff. can you imagine "oh, holy night" in cha cha? it was wonderful.

    i was going to try to turn this into my "signature" but i just couldn't get it to go down to 250 characters.... but i still wanted to share it. so, here.

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    it's a bittersweet merry-go-round. people fall off the horses all around and you hang on tight, wondering if you're next. but it's a merry-go-round, none-the-less, full of color and excitement and the possibility of joy. what a beautiful mess life is; moments of this and moments of that. a long journey turns out to be surprisingly short. you consider documenting the good times thoroughly enough to feel that the past never goes away. but it does. it goes away and is constantly replaced by a mutation of itself. before you know it, lots of things have changed and if you sleep too much you won't recognize anything. this is, of course, the way it's supposed to be. evolution happens to everyone and if you try to cling to the past, the present becomes the twilight zone. the sign post up ahead warns, "adaptability required. so, notice the curve in the road. live for now, but think ahead."