Fonenurse is on Her Way to the U.S.A.

  1. .. to the u.s.a.

    i just wanted to say, "have a wonderful trip". please be careful. enjoy everything along the way. if you can, post here and let us know all the neato keen things you see and do.

    we love ya, fonenurse!!!!!
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  3. by   compassion1
    Enjoy your trip, Fone. Us yanks will be glad to have you here to look us over. Please keep us posted on what you see and do. Hope you like our bacon. Maybe Canadian bacon would be more to your liking. Be safe and stay happy. Don't get so exhausted that you need a vacation to get over this vacation.
  4. by   suzy253
    Hoping for a safe trip. If you log on and see this posting, please remember I'm close to Boston!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   donsterRN
    I HAVE missed a lot, haven't I???

    Where is she going when she gets here? How long is she here for?

    (I know I could just look it up, but I'd rather talk to you!!!)
  6. by   sirI
    Don, she plans to visit the NE area, then on up to Canada. She has a very busy itinerary. Awesome, it is. I'd love to tag along to see what she's going to see.
  7. by   Roy Fokker
    Hmmm, just when I move out of the North East...

    Have a neat-o trip Fone
  8. by   dianah
    Awww, I wish she was visiting the West Coast, but I'm sure she'll have a great visit (someday I want to visit the East Coast!!)!! Yes, please DO tell us about your travels and the sights you see, Fone!!
  9. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from dianah
    (someday I want to visit the East Coast!!)!!
    You mean you've never seen the East Coast??!!
  10. by   sirI
    Nor have I, Roy.........
  11. by   Tweety
  12. by   suzy253
    Quote from siri
    Nor have I, Roy......... trip = New England
  13. by   DDRN4me
    suzy..if you hear from her..or fone if youre reading this..I am also near Boston, as is Leslie!
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Have fun!