Folk-type weather predictors

  1. talking about the recent weather on another thread got me to wondering: what kinds of folk, or old-time, weather predictors/indicators have you ever heard of? have you ever seen them actually prove true? :d

    i can't remember where i heard it, (i think from some local old-timer, maybe) that if you see a hornet's nest built close to the ground, it will be an early, hard, winter.

    year before last, when we had ice and snow for 3 weeks in early to mid december, my husband and i had cut a hornet's nest from a rhododendron branch. it was about 6 feet off the ground. this year, there was one right across the little road in front of our houwe, on the ground! yesterday we had a dusting of snow, and temps in the 20's.

    ust wondering what kinds of things you all have seen and heard about this topic...
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  3. by   l.rae
    Cathy, this post brought back a funny memory for me....My great grandma always said when the cows are lying down it's going to rain.....When l was in nursing school, l lived in the country and drove about17 miles to day my A&P prof remarked about what the weather might do that was looking like maybe rain.......So l informed him that since most of the cows were lying down that morning it was sure to rain....He laughed, l told him great grandma always said he says, "do you have any scientific proof?".....l say wait and see....sure rained......this is a no fail or two cows in a large heard doesn't matter.....but when half or more are on the ground, you better have an umbrella on hand!.............LR
  4. by   deespoohbear
    My husband always says when you see a dog eating grass it will rain...

    My hair is naturally curly (and I do mean CURLY) and my Grandma said the way my hair was behaving on a particular day was a good indicator of the weather. If the curls were all frizzed out and wild it would be a stormy day. If they were behaving it was a calm day. Even the girls at work remark on my hair and the correlation with the weather.
  5. by   LoisJean
    If, on a cloudy morning you look at the sky and see, "just enough blue to patch the knees of your jeans", the day will turn out to be sunny.

    A large number of "wooly" catapillers seen in the fall promises a cold winter.

    When the leaves of trees turn upward it will rain.

    When the animals walk in circles a hard wind is going to blow.

    Red skies at night, sailors delight; red skies in the morning, sailors take warning.

    Lois Jean
  6. by   CATHYW
    Cool, you all! I've heard and seen the stuff about the cows, and the red skies at night.

    Anybody have more? These are fun!
  7. by   dianah
    Russell should have some observations for us -- Rusty???

    I myself can only subscribe to the "weather stick" or "weather stone" theory (having no personal knowledge or experience in this area to provide):

    If the stick is wet, it's raining.
    If it's dry, it's not raining.
    If it casts a shadow, it's sunny.
    If it casts no shadow, it's cloudy.
    If it's bent, it's windy.
    If it's white, it's snowing.

    ---- D
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    I've inhereted my Grandmother's weather forcasting bones. If my Big toe suddenly aches, watch out for Severe Weather: Heavy rain (started at 2 PM past Friday for 2 hrs---had 48 hrs of rain) or if it cramps too---SNOW. 98% accuracy in my nursing staff say; better than Accu Weather!
  9. by   BadBird
    I always heard that if you see black fuzzy catepillars then you will have a snowy long winter. My head will ache right before a storm, sometimes I pray for rain just so my head stops throbbing.
  10. by   GPatty
    If the wind is blowing and the leaves on trees turn upside down, it's going to rain...
    If the ladle on the big dipper is down, it's gonna rain....
    I've heard the one about the cows too.....
  11. by   cactus wren
    I`ve heard most of your weather predictors. Here is a very strange one...There is a guy in NM who use fat from various animals( encased in jars) to predict the weather. Can`t remember where he was...Chama? Maybe Rusty remembers this one.. As I recall he was very accurate...Weirdest one I`ve ever heard...
  12. by   semstr
    Sorry, first have to look in my dictionary for the name of the birds I am talking about, be right back!
  13. by   semstr
    ok, when the swallows fly very low in the summer, weather is going to change (to the worst of course)
    in the winter when the gulls start flying over town (remember I grew up in the Netherlands, right in a small coasttown) it's going to freeze.
    Here in Vienna we know winter is coming, when the crows arrive.(They're here and making an awful lot of noise and dirt)
    Take care, Renee
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    My right wrist (which I literally snapped in two in a bike accident as a kid of 8), is a great indicator of severe weather hurt HORRIBLY the day the tornadoes of 1999 hit Oklahoma...I KNEW what was coming when the sun was shining. It also hurts prior to snowstorms in WA State...Very painful but reliable.