Flat Feet in Children

  1. I never noticed this but my DIL brought it to my attention.

    My 4 y/o has flat feet there's no arch. His feet turn in word slightly. (kind of like he'd wear away in medial part of his shoe)

    I read different sites--some said no worry unless sore feet

    some said buy my foot insoles or special shoes.

    Now even though some sites said not to worry...I'm a mother and I'm worrying.

    (by the way Matthew, my ds, is not having any pain)

    Does anyone know anything about flat feet in children??
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  3. by   P_RN
    All children have flat feet. If it bothers you or him ask your doctor. Otherwise don't worry.
  4. by   H ynnoD
    Maybe consult a foot doctor or the internet for some sites about feet.My daughter is tiny,but has huge feet.I wonder if their like dogs feet and shes going to be tall?(just checked both of my kids feet and their both flat also)Would'nt worry about it.
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  5. by   caffine addict
    I was born with club feet (flat feet) in 1965. Then they casted you from your thighs to toes to correct the deformity. Then full leg braces with a post between the feet and high top orthopedic shoes. I walked before I crawled because my legs had been casted since birth. Broke out the side of my crib many times with the casts.
    My Daughter was born with the same condition. We traveled from Hatfield Ky. to Chigao to the Shriner's (oops spelling) Hosp. a few times a year to see Ortho. They didn't do anything. Said it would correct itself as she grew. Wouldn't do surg if it didn't affect her ability to amb. and get around.
    She is 18 now. no problems getting around but her feet still look like you described. If I could have afforded it I would have got a second opinion and orthopedic shoes at least. I was a struggeling mom.
  6. by   mattsmom81
    I have flat feet too. My parents paid a lot of money when I was a kid for special orthopedic shoes for me. I am only now having trouble with my feet at 50...maybe it is related...who knows?

    My son has flat feet too...no arch like me...but refuses to wear wierd shoes (you know how kids are) He has no troubles but I do encourage him to wear special insoles for good support.

    Wow I had no idea some docs do such extensive surgeries to correct this....