Flame Wars

  1. Flame Warriors is a collection of hilarious illustrations and descriptions of the many personalities found in internet chat rooms and on bulletin boards (just like this one!)
    So, how many of these people do you know? Better yet, which one are you?

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  3. by   Shamrock
    HA, this is hilarious!! Will take a while to get through and pin
    myself down. Who are you twarlik?
  4. by   Shamrock

    This would be me. I'm much better about monitoring myself
    though.. This is fun, my favorite is the swarm, not many of those
    here anymore.
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  5. by   gwenith
    Too many !! But I didn't see any sock puppets.

    I believe there are actually three types of sock puppet

    Lamb chop - mostly harmless

    Punch and Judy - stirring up trouble

    Chucky - malicious evil little nasty...........
  6. by   twarlik
    Originally posted by Shamrock
    HA, this is hilarious!! Will take a while to get through and pin
    myself down. Who are you twarlik?
    I am the sometimes lurker and occasional issues , though I always try to be the eagle scout. .
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    hmm wonder who I am? likely just a trouble maker.
  8. by   eltrip
    That was fun to read. Gee, I have seen a number of those entities before.
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    that was very funny . . . and yikes, recognizing certain aspects of myself . . . whoever thought it up certainly has a great grasp on bulletin board entities.

    thanks for posting it.

  10. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Too funny!!!
  11. by   Dplear
    i know of a few here that fit this description

    netiquette nazi is in control and she does not tolerate backtalk. the guidelines for every discussion forum are clearly posted and she demands obedience. if any of you sniveling dogs break the rules or deviate from strict observance of netiquette you will be punished.

  12. by   donmurray
    Looks like Edwina Currie, ex-conservative Member of Parliament, and lover to then Prime Minister John Major!
    (and we STILL can't quite believe it!) LOL
  13. by   Mkue
    OMG those are so funny !
  14. by   NRSKarenRN
    hmmm first choice---

    eagle scout is a positive, constructive warrior who endeavors to submit original articles which contain useful content and relevant information with supporting citations and links, thus initiating meaningful discussion threads. eagle scout regards the internet as an uplifting, egalitarian, worldwide arena for the exchange of ideas among intelligent, thinking individuals. he does not openly attack, but will (ever tactfully) chastise disruptive comments, gratuitous insults and cretinous insipidity. he is always kind and helpful to newbie, and will shrug off even the most egregious insults. eagle scout is loathed with a poisonous intensity by evil clown, jerk, l'enfant provocateur and ego. caution: sometimes imposter, evil clown or troller will masquerade as eagle scout. there have also been reports of eagle scout becoming jekyl and hyde.

    my sons (first class scouts) will attest to the jekyl and hyde notion.
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