1. Anybody here like to fish? My sweet baboo caught a 12# catfish
    this evening in our pond. Was a GREAT battle, (according to him),
    I did get to see the big bugger and was jealous. My favorite is
    bass fishing. The catfish in our pond taste muddy and I hate it, the bass are wonderful.
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  3. by   jayna
    I love fishing, especially deep water fishing.

    Caught these fish.....and that thingy is call an outrigger canoe..hahhaa

  4. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    I like to fish but only if they are biting. Hubby will sit all day and catch nothing.....I can't just sit there and cast, and cast, and cast....well, you get the point.:chuckle I like bass and crappie fishing.