First midnight grift, i mean shift

  1. argh....i just woke is 230pm.....and I am groggy, and my stomach is sick....not too bad, just icky feeling.

    I am back at work tonight at 7pm, and I certainly hope that it is busier than last night, alive.

    felt like i was harassing my patients just to see what they were doing, and if it were anymore exciting than what i was doing....

    thank god for air conditioning on a day like today...i never would have slept.

    Does it ever get somewhat routine when you work midnights?

    ( the sleep ratio i mean)

    sorry so frank...i am on half liter here....
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  3. by   thisnurse
    lol...sometimes i long for nights like that. then i get them and im so bored i cant stand it.
    99.9% of the nights i work are extremely busy. hard to find the time to check on the pts to see what they are doing.
    i guess thats a positive side of the shortage
  4. by   joyrochelle
    i think that anything would have been better than last night!

    however tonight i may be really tired if we are will take some time i guess!
  5. by   Nurse Ratched
    I never did feel great working nights. I got used to it, which is another thing entirely. Other people seemed to be born to it. It will take time tho. IMO, I do think being female screws up the rhythm/hormone cycle more. Men generally seemed to adapt more easily.

    The hardest thing for me seemed to be the eating schedule.