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    Hi everyone,

    Thought I'd share the results of a few hours of digging on this subject.

    These cards are obtained by instructors (typically retired firefighters) certified by the City of Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD). You can obtain a list of certified instructors who can issue the Los Angeles City Fire Safety Card (note: LAFD personnel sometimes refer to this card as a "Fire Life Safety Card" - they mean the same thing). These cards are valid for 4 years of issue. Some employers require this card/certification for employment as student nurse, RN, CNA, EMT, healthcare tech, phys therapist, etc. You can obtain the most recent list of certified instructors serving the greater Los Angeles metro area by either (preferably) emailing Capt. Michael White (LAFD) at or calling him at 213-978-3730. Some instructors are flexible on time and dates if you can arrange a group of six or more students. Some instructors can fit you in at their gigs at local hospitals or clinics others will not.

    Heads up: Presently (as of this date, June 10, 2011), there are NO authorized online providers for the LA Fire Safety card, so beware of online companies purporting to offer these cards. The 3M, Canadian, and Florida online courses for fire safety certification are NOT the same as the LA City Fire Safety Card. I know for certain that UCLA Ronald Reagan (Westwood) and UCLA Santa Monica do not accept the three just mentioned.

    (Revised June 10, 2011)
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  3. by   Flare
    Interesting info. What is a fire safety card used for? Is it like PASS extinguisher training and RACE techniques?
    (PASS being how to operate an extinguisher: Pull Aim Squeeze Sweep; RACE being how to react to a fire: Remove (nearby persons to safety), Alarm (Call for FD or activate pull station), Confine (fire by closing doors), Evacuate (if necessary or extinguish using PASS if safe to do so. in case anyone doesn't know what those are)
  4. by   Nice Day
    Yes, that's exactly what it is because I just had to take the class for admission to College of the Canyons Nursing Program.
  5. by   cord.kirshner
    Update: June 23, 2011

    Re: Fire Safety Cards (City of Los Angeles)

    You can obtain the latest list of certified instructors for the City of Los Angeles Fires Safety Card (for healthcare providers) by clicking on this link:

    The cost for the 4-year certification ranges from $45 - $75 depending upon whether group or private instruction.

    Good luck!
  6. by   Josie, RN/LCSW
    Your link is to a generic page that does NOT link to the requested information. No bueno....
  7. by   Rose_Queen
    Quote from Josie, RN/LCSW
    Your link is to a generic page that does NOT link to the requested information. No bueno....
    Likely because the link was posted 5 years ago and it has probably changed in the time that has passed since.