Fire on Storm King Mountain:10 years later

  1. I just wanted to start a rememberance thread to the brave, selfless, 14 men and women on Storm King Mountain's South Canyon that literally looked into the mouth of hell, and gave their lives so that others could be protected and safe. I pray that these brave souls are rejoicing in heaven, because they've already truly been through hell itself. I invite you to share your prayers, and thoughts on the Storm King 14. May you all rest in peace heroes.
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  3. by   warrior woman
    I just can't get these heroes out of my mind. It seems anytime I hear a tragedy concerning fire it affects me deeply. Maybe it has something to do with my mom saving me from a burning apartment when I was 3. The Waco fire still shakes me to the core to this day. I just can't imagine dying that way. It must be the most horrible way to go. Let's not forget the Storm King 14, as well as all firefighters, and victims of fire. It makes me feel quite small to realize that with all of all technology, we are nothing in the face of nature.
  4. by   unbridled
    Yes, Storm King was a great loss. I saw a special on Discovery channel or History channel about this fire. What those firefighters went through in that last minute or two was awful. Hopefully lessons were learned by both crews and bosses in order to prevent such a tragedy happening again. I think the Storm King Mountain Trail Memorial is a great tribute.
  5. by   warrior woman
    I just saw Nova on public TV and it gave an incredible history of widland fires and firefighting since the devastating fires of 1910. It also catalogues the numbers of wildland firefighting casualties over the years. Impressive and important stuff.