Find out you personality through color choice

  1. This is a website someone e-mailed me. It was pretty darn accurate describing me. See how your favorite colors can describe your personality.
    It's just a fun thing to do. ENJOY!
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  3. by   thisnurse
    hey thanks for the link, always happy to check out new stuff..

    this was fun but not too much in the way of
  4. by   cmggriff
    Lynne, I can't tell you how far off this thing seems to me. I think Miss Cleo could have done better. But it was fun at 0300. Gary
  5. by   aimeee
    They can tell all that from the ranking of 8 colors, huh? I must admit it comes closer to truth than my horoscope anyway.
  6. by   hoolahan
    Now this was me right on the money! Fun.
  7. by   CEN35
    i don't have a lot of faith in horoscopes and stuff like this. however, this thing hit the nail right on the head for me, i think? kinda weird.

  8. by   live4today
    I just took the colorgenic test, and it is me to a tee! I printed a copy to show my husband. I can't wait to see what he thinks of it. I'm sure he'll want to take one of these test, too. Thanks for sharing this sight! (smile)
  9. by   RN-PA
    I'm usually pretty skeptical of these things but I have to say... WOW!

    Most of what my profile said was very close to my current feelings and circumstances... Eerie!

    Color me: amazed!
  10. by   radnurse2001
    OMG!!!! I love this stuff but never took much stock in it. This one hit it on the head. I didn't even realize that I was that angry or disgruntled until I read it. It nearly made me cry.

  11. by   kaycee
    I usually don't believe in any of this stuff as some of you have said and rarely even read a horoscope. I've never seen anything come even close to how I perceive myself. This was scarey, it was sooo me. For those who were right on the money, weird huh. For those who were not, glad you had fun!
  12. by   hoolahan
    HI everyone. This post was reported to be like advertising, due to the fact that you would have to sign up and pay additional money to subscribe to the color program.

    It is my belief that this was posted in the spirit of fun for everyone here. It was free to take the original "test" and see what your colors tell about you. I think that if you wanted to subscribe after that, it was a personal choice.

    Kaycee, for the record, you are not making any money from this are you? I for one did not have a problem with this post at all, but since I am a moderator, I do want to address the issue. I decided to do it here, in case anyone else felt the same way.

    What do you think Rick? Brian? I'm perfectly OK with this post and I do not feel it is advertising, esp since kaycee presnted it as "a fun thing to do." If she had said, hey guys, check out my new business, please sign up and support me, it would have been clear-cut advertising to me.

    I vote to keep it.
  13. by   live4today
    Thanks hoolahan,

    I see it as pure fun, too, and enjoyed taking the test. The test itself is free, and people do not have to participate beyond the free quiz, so thanks for deciding not to delete the original post of kaycee. I enjoyed it so much, I posted the website on Nurse Spectrum so those nurses could have fun with it, too.
  14. by   night owl
    Now THIS is weird...It came closer than close for my personality characteristics. I'm usually pretty skeptical on things of this nature, but I've got to admit that it's so me that it's scarey !