1. If you start deleting your posts and staying away from the topic - then where is the fun?

    In other words, I like your debates. Stick around.
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  3. by   fergus51
    Thanks Susy. I am just tired of these posts. They're making me upset.
  4. by   nurs4kids
    Oh suzy, don't sweat it, I'm sure by tomorrow I'll have another hormonal swing and will fall off the other side of the fence..lol

    I told Tracy (fergus) she shouldn't leave, that most people here enjoy intelligent debate, but I understand what she means by it upsetting her. I had to step away for a couple days. It also doesn't help when people start directing things straight at you, not so much about your opinion, but toward your motive to posting.

    Hang in there Fergie!!! We like to argue..hehe
  5. by   Oscar
    I agree. Fergus has been the most honest in confronting the issues I wished to stimulate with my post. Please don't leave, Fergus. You speak your mind!
  6. by   realnursealso/LPN
    Please read my apology Fergus.
  7. by   semstr
    Fergus, Tracy, pleeeeaaase don't leave!

    ok, delete a few posts that's what I did, but hey, what would I do without you?

    I understand though, some answers really hurt and what hurts even more, is that a few guys here don't seem to accept other views upon these tragedies and about the consequenses.
    I am pretty tired too, about excusing myself for saying things, that might offend someone here.
    But well that's life, and as I said somewhere else, thank God we are able to discus our misunderstandings, without armed forces preparing to strike at.....who or what ever!

    So, he how about a few German words, you like so much?

    Bitte, bitte gehe nicht! (please, please, don't go)

    Servus, Renee (servus, is the word you say when you greet people you like)
  8. by   roachell
    Sorry Fergus, didn't mean to push you over the edge! Especially didn't mean to be personally offensive. We are all nurses or wannabe nurses and are compassionate people by definition. None of us want to see innocents die.
    This is tough to talk about but I do appreciate the debate. It has made me look at things in a different way.
    So do give up, some of it is getting though, even if I/we frustrate the h*ll out of you!
  9. by   fergus51
    No you all didn't push me over the edge, though I can be oversensitive and overeact just a bit. I just get frustrated because it is sooooo hard to convey what I mean on a keyboard without facial expression, tone of voice, etc. So I have tried to rewrite my opinion in the retaliation thread in short sentences that make sense. Hopefully I have conveyed my message that I feel absolutely clueless and just want everyone to be happy and the world to be perfect Small order isn't it?