Felony Conviction For an RN

  1. I am an RN and have a felony conviction for forgery. Although I have a valid license I am having trouble getting employment. Any thought or suggestions??
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  3. by   Brownms46
    How can you have a valid license with a felony conviction??
  4. by   deespoohbear
    I know having a felony conviction can cause difficulties in obtaining employment. I guess some of the questions would be: How long ago did this happen? Any other problems with the law except minor traffic violations? Have you been able to obtain any employment since the conviction?

    My guess would be maybe talk to your attorney or someone else with knowledge in this area. Maybe someone who works in a probation department would be a good resource for you.

    I know my sister was able to obtain a job as an admissions clerk for a large clinic. She has a felony conviction for writing bad checks. I think she may have been convicted of shoplifting also. Never have asked her if her past record has caused her any problems in getting a job.

    Best wishes to you....

    PS-I think it takes a lot of courage to be able to post something like that from your past on a public board. I am not saying that in a mean way either. Best wishes....
  5. by   Disablednurse
    A lot would depend on when you had the felony conviction=before or after you got your nursing license. If this happened before you got your license, try to get some character references. Have you tried talking to the person doing the hiring r/t this problem. It also depends on where you are wanting to work. A lot of places do background checks on people before hiring them.
  6. by   mastiff38
    One thing that helped my husband (this was years ago) was that while he was on probation, he built up a pretty good friendship with his probation officer, who was a really great guy. My husband was released from probation nearly 2 years early.

    When he needed to look for a job, he asked his former probation officer to write a letter of recommendation, which he gladly did. It was very helpful - talked about the fact that he'd been let off probation so early, never missed a meeting, great character references, etc. I really think this helped my husband get the job he's got now, which he's had for 9 years and has moved up the ladder to a supervisory position.

    You might consider getting a letter from your probation officer; it could be a big help.

    Good luck!