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  1. Y'know, for the first time in my nursing career I had a warm fuzzy proud moment last night. I was given a cervidil induction. Usually these pt sleep during the night then after 12 hour, remove the cervidil and start the induction. Thought that sounded easy enough, only problem was the fetal strip was looking very flat and the pt wasn't feeling her baby move since she got to the hospital......then started having decels and the pt wasn't even in labor. I absolutley dreaded the thought of calling the doctor because this particular female doctor totally hates nurses and never fails to cut us down in some sort of snide, nasty way. Well,I called the doctor, and she was actually in a human mood, came to the hospital to evaluate the strip. After breaking her water and acoustic stim with minimal results, and we did a c-section. It turns out that the baby had cord around the neck times 2 (tight) and cord around the body times 2!! and the cord gases were borderline crappy. As I was circulating, the doctor was telling everybody(except me) that I made a very good judgement call. I about fell over because I was expecting to be cut down for whatever. As it turns out, if I sat on my hands all night, the baby might have died. The look of love on the parents faces did my heart good. I can truely call that a rewarding moment in nursing.
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  3. by   MollyJ
    Congrats! There's nothing like acting on your instinct and having your instinctual feelings borne out to make you feel very proud! Your choices made a world of difference to that baby and that family.
  4. by   neonnurse2
    Thanks Mol.
  5. by   Q.
    Wow Neon - excellent call.

    It is precisely what you described that makes me love L&D. I love the challenge each patient poses (even cervidils!) and how your interventions have a DIRECT effect on the outcomes.

    As you know, strips are very hard to interpret, and especially on third shift, you have to be confident in your assessments. Good call.
  6. by   hoolahan
    That is so great! I started to cry reading that story. It's exactly those kind of moments that can sustain you for another six months of nursing.

    THat baby could be president someday!!
  7. by   SchmalRN
    I just got chills reading that! God Bless you!
  8. by   Jenny P
    Neonnurse, You saved that babys' life! You are a hero, not only to that baby and family, but also to the rest of us. I always say that we all deal in life and death situations as nurses; I work in CV-ICU and seethsi quite frequently, but here you are dealing with the beginning of a life, and you prove my point. I do hope that this is not really your first time you've had that great feeling about being a nurse in your whole nursing career. That would make me kind of sad if that is the truth. I know we don't get those wonderful feelings everyday, but I hope you've had that feeling before.
  9. by   Doey
    Neon I also had tears in my eyes reading your post. I'm not in OB and know squat about it, but you obviously know what you're doing. Your actions saved that babies life!!! This child will HAVE a life because of your knowledge and interventions.
    Great job!! You should be very proud.
  10. by   CEN35
    Good one Daphney, glad it worked out!!!

    I know the feeling, but they come far and few in between. I have had a few times, when we have been busy. Depends on the doc, like you said human or not? Sometimes, I get good thing you were here "where I can help you or keep you alive", as one doc says who came in the room 20 minutes later.
    On the other hand, I have had patients complain to the doc about me, size of the needle, or number of sticks, whatever? The docs reply was, "yeah but he is the one that was keepin you alive while we were busy, but I suppose that doesn't count for much". The patient didn't say much after that.

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  11. by   neonnurse2
    Wow, Rick! Loved that doctors quote! What a cool thing to say! bada-bing!
    Everybody, thanks you so much for the pats on the back. I'm still glowing from the experience.
    President some day? Perhaps SHE will be!!
  12. by   leesonlpn
    hey- who put these goosebumps all over me?Neonurse2 that's who!Way to go!You were supposed to be there to do that you know.We all come with a screenplay, only we don't see it.Feelin good,feelin fine, feelin groovy all the time, ain't it great just to be fee-ling.Feeling lost ,feeling low, feeling helps to let you know, you're alive be glad you're feeling,..... everyone join me in the chorus!!!!!

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  13. by   chrn
    Are they gonna name the baby NEON?
    Way to do nursing proud. We all love those ones we will never forget.