fed upneed cheering up

  1. yesterday due to lackof orders i'v been told my week has to be cut to two day 16hours which is fair enough some of the guys are being laid off as well (I work as an occ healh nurse in a shipyard) the annoying thing is there are ordes out there but there going to Poland etc because they can do the work cheaper, my way of thinking is take work from our workers they have less to spend shops suffer etc so at the end of the day the country saves nothing they just have to pay out unemployment benifit. Anyway to get to the point what should I do they have promised to increase my hours again when work picks and it will just don't know when, look for another job did I tell you I love my job I just dont want to get on that agency cycle again been there done it got fed up and knackered two kids at uni need an income so should I do agency and hope the work picks up or look for a full time occ health job elsewhere need some advice or even just some kind words feeling low thanks
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  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Come to The US. Plenty of work for you here!
  4. by   Rapheal
    Dear Chrisrob,

    I do not have any words of advice but feel bad for the tough time you are in right now. I wish you luck in deciding what path you should choose. May it lead you to an expanded territory where all your potential will be utilized and appreciated. Good thoughts.
  5. by   chrisrob
    hey anyone know someone who needs a ship building doesn't have to be to big a small one will do !
  6. by   hapeewendy
    I'm sorry that this is going on , I still maintain that you are a strong person and will get above all this!
    gotta sort thru the BS before you can get to the goodstuff sometimes right?
    keep the faith, you're intelligent, skilled , and hardworking - qualities that we need very much in this world!
  7. by   chrisrob
    thanks Wendy good words starting to feelbetter already but it is 02.10 in the morning and I could just be feeling the effects of nosleep but your words are a comfort thanks again
  8. by   emily_mom
    A lot of the companies in the U.S. can relate to what is going on. All this cheap labor going overseas and hardworking people getting the shaft. I don't have any great words of advice for you, but you do what you need to for yourself. If agency sounds like an option, go with that. You can always keep looking while you're doing that.

    I wish you the best of luck....hoping things pick up for you there (and here!!)
  9. by   karenG
    ok I'll speak to my dad.......he works at lloyds!

    its a tough call- shipping is not an easy industry to work in and yep our shipyards are in trouble. I think I would be tempted to look for another job- have you thought about walk in centres? our lead nurse in the local MIU was an occy health nurse in a steel factory! just a thought............

  10. by   donmurray
    Sunseeker on the South coast seem to be doing ok, but they build fibreglass and teak gin palaces, so I dont know how long that'll last! Besides, the steel factory sounds closer to your kind of occy health experience.
  11. by   cbs3143
    Sorry things are going rough for you Chris. I know what you mean about the loss of work affecting the whole economy.

    Is the government sending work to Poland? That would be contrary to taking care of their own first. You are right about paying the workers wages, or paying them unemployment benefits. It doesn't make sense does it.

    Good luck in your employment prospects. It stinks when the job market declines.

  12. by   dianah
    Tuff situation. Hope something opens up/an idea appears/situation works out. There are always choices, just not always revealed all at once, sometimes it seems you have to dig for them. Let us know what happens. Sending positive thoughts to you and yours. -- D
  13. by   renerian
    Could you pick up a day in home health in Scottland?

  14. by   chrisrob
    thanks for all the kind thoughts and word I know I'll find something else sad thing is I love really love this job who knows we may get an order fingers crossed thanks anyway