February 27, 2014

  1. And a Happy 2.27.14 to All of you Out There!

    I'm Coming to you Tonight from my Art Room.
    I Put In For, and Received, Low Census. The Unit that I typically Work has but a few Patients on it, so I thought, "What the Hey? I could take the Night off!"

    I assure you, it was a Struggle.
    Being in an Advantageous Situation, knowing that Wealth Won't Save my Soul, and that this Moment is All Any of Us Have, I chose to follow Mr. Time's Advice.

    So, Here I Am, in my Art Room, Listening to Classical Music on Vinyl, Sipping Tea, and Generally Enjoying Myself!

    Here's to Hoping you, too, have a Opportunity to also Enjoy All That Any of Us Have!
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  3. by   Davey Do
  4. by   Davey Do
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  5. by   Ted
    Good Morning!

    It's 4:54 AM (EST). I'm at work and my one patient is safely sleeping with her heart a-beatin'. Our entire healthcare system is undergoing a software update. As you probably know, this means charting via paper. Just like the "Old Days"! LOL! Thankfully, the IT folks JUST informed us "End Users" aka "nurses" that the software update is now complete!

    Davey-Do. . . LOVE the cartoons. My derriere is sitting at the nurse's station at work. LOL!

    Well. . . gotta run and do "post downtime" charting. . . Gotta love technology. . . LOL!

  6. by   Davey Do
  7. by   Ted
    Finished my post computer downtime charting! That was quick! Just wanted to come back here, quickly, and see what "The Do" had to share in terms of cartoons. Happily "The Do" continues to cartoon away! Nice work, Dave. Having extra time on your hands is time for creativity and fun!

    Well. . . back to work.

  8. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning Davey,Ted and all cartoon character posts, oh and all you that pop in for a natter,

    I love starting off my day with a giggle and Davey you did not disappoint, you are too funny and very witty. Now I noted you mentioned sipping on tea, was it hot or cold? I love my hot tea and drink it even if it is 90F outside. I have lived over here now coming up on 14 years but still cannot get iced tea past my lips. Spitouiiiiiiiiiiii

    Another wonderful day out in the field of hospice although it finished off in a somber mood after attending a funeral. Family have requested the entire hospice team who cared for this patient visit the house today. So I need to get that organized with the rest of the motley crew today.

    Whipped up a delicious chicken veggie stir fry last night with the thinnest Chinese Noodles I have ever seen but goodness me that stuff was delishiousessss! I have to say. Mind you after I noshed down on some of that and the endorphins kicked in I was useless.

    Was not long before I could not hold my peepers open any longer and due to the lack of sleep night before last I had to brush my fangdangles and haul my toosh into bed. I tried reading for a while but after getting cross eyed then trying to read with one eye at a time it was time to put that light out!!

    Wonderful to catch some zzz's and feel refreshed today so watch out world I am ready. LOL

    Hope you all have a mahhhvelous day no matter what you get up to, be safe if you are traveling around and smile coz I love you all.
  9. by   Davey Do
    Quote from Sabby_NC
    I love starting off my day with a giggle and Davey you did not disappoint, you are too funny and very witty. Now I noted you mentioned sipping on tea, was it hot or cold? I love my hot tea
    I'm Glad you get a Giggle out of these Cartoons, Sabby!

    I'm sipping Hot Medicinal Teas- Good Tasting and Good for Me!

    Thanks again, Sabby. Coming up with these Cartoons is very Entertaining for me and I do mean to Pass Them On so others may Choose To Enjoy them. If Anyone EVER feels Offended by one of my Cartoons, Please let me Know. I will do Whatever it Takes to Rectify the Situation.

  10. by   Davey Do
  11. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Davey Ted Sabby

    It's a work day so I better do some more moving! Actually I'm hopeful I might finally get an estimate as to when I'll be moving home. That would be good.

    Was feeling a bit sick at work yesterday, not sure why, although I felt worse after lunch. Maybe it was something I ate.

    Felt better after getting home, got the laundry done and some cooking and even got over to the library. Fell asleep with the lights on, woke up once or twice before I finally shut them off.

    Grocery shopping after work today. Will be able to ease up on the low carb stuff after today so shopping should prove a less complicated experience.
  12. by   Davey Do
    Quote from efiebke
    Nice work, Dave. Having extra time on your hands is time for creativity and fun!
    You know, Ted, I really (and I do mean really!) like the way you phrased that!

    Recently, a Fella told me, upon seeing some of my Drawings, "You know, you've got Too Much Time on your Hands!"

    I Responded with, "Oh Yeah, Sure- you'll sit on your Couch, swilling Beer and watching Pornos, Wasting your Life away, and you say I've got 'Too Much Time on my Hands!' What I'm doing is Pursuing my Bliss! I'm Honing my Craft! I'm Expanding my Horizons! I'm Putting to Use a Talent that God Blessed me with! Too Much Time on my Hands, my Eye!"

    The Fella Rebutted with, "I don't Drink Beer or Watch Pornos!"

    I said, "That's not the Point!"

    That Fella just Shook his Head and Walked Away. He won't be Challenging me any Time soon, I can Tell you That!
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  13. by   herring_RN
    Thank you Davey! They are FUN!

    Long ago I was put on cll after sleeping all day. I read "The Doomsday Book" alone with everyone asleep.
    Never got called.
    What a treat to read an entire great book!

  14. by   herring_RN
    While surfing the web I found this article.