February 15, 2014 Good Morning!

  1. Well . .. hello everyone.

    I walked into the kitchen and saw some rhythmic lights in window so walked out the back porch and saw two Sheriff's SUV's at the neighbor's home. You know, the neighbors who party 24/7. I walked out to the street to watch. Not sure what it is all about but am glad someone called something in.

    It was a good day today - Valentine's Day. The kids had a great day at school with parties and such. Then we went to the local basketball game.

    Home now and enjoying a quiet evening . ... well, except for the Sheriff's.

    See you all back in the a.m. for coffee!

    Hey Michael - are you awake?
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  3. by   Davey Do
    Good Morning!
    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Hey Michael - are you awake?
    "Mom always liked you best!" -Tommy Smothers

    "Song Sung Blue"

    I think I'll go and eat some Frozen Worms.

    A Good Day to you All!

    Davey (Easily Ignored) Do
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Oh my gosh you big baby!

    Hi Davey! How are you?
  5. by   Davey Do
    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Oh my gosh you big baby!
    I Love you and just want to be Loved by you.

    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Hi Davey! How are you?
    Actually, I'm still Laughing over your Reply!
  6. by   Ted
    Morning. . . Good!

    Catching up on reading a "Dave and Steph" exchange. The Surrealism is a wonderful thing.

    Well, it's 6:05 AM (EST) here. Pretty soon it will be 6:06 AM. . . . Wait for it. . . BANG! It's 6:06 AM now! My, how time flies.

    TODAY, I must read the ACLS manual thingy to prepare myself for another ACLS re-certification thingy this coming Wednesday. It will be about my billionth time of doing this. (sigh). My tendency will be to want to avoid reading it until Tuesday night (like I did the past couple of times). It's a requirement for my happy job in my happy teeny-tiny hospital. It's a good requirement. It's the whole reading thing, though. I really don't like to read (except posts on bulletin boards like AN). (I also don't mind reading music, either.)

    Yesterday, Amy and I finished watching season 1 of "The House of Cards" on Netflix. That show has become our new addiction of sort. Season two started yesterday, I see. What's interesting, if I understand the situation correctly, is that Netflix gives its viewers the ENTIRE season all at once to watch. Depending on how much reading I get done today, we might just start watching season 2 of "The House of Cards". I guess this show produced by Netfilx won a couple of Emmy Awards.

    Well. . . time is flying by and I see that it's now 6:17 AM (EST). The two happy canine family members hear me up and about, so they're beginning to do their "I wanna go outside and pee, then come back inside and eat breakfast" dance which they do each and every morning like clock-work. Also, I MUST put the coffee on. I have that "haven't had caffeine in several hours" headache. LOL!

    Wishing all who travel here today a wonderful day!

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  7. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning, Stephanie, Big baby Davey, Ted and all who slide in,

    Thanks Stephanie for starting us off today, hope with a visit from the sheriff that your neighbors tone it down some for you.

    G'day Davey I have to say I started my day off giggling over you and your threads then Stephanie reply- nothing like a good ol' belly laugh.

    Hi Ted you cracked me up as well, watching time fly is so laborious, get that coffee and enjoy being home. Now be good and get that ACLS reading done then you will be prepared ok?

    My arms and back are sore today from shoveling and shoveling some more snow last evening. Hubby got his truck stuck in the snow but after a lot of shoveling, &^$%^, kitty litter and ice melt we got out. Yahhhhhhooooooo Praying we get the rain today to melt this evil white stuff away!!

    It will need to do some serious melting as I am not able to get my vehicle out due to the depth of snow all my vehicle will do is push the snow.

    Enjoyed doing some cooking yesterday, made some delicious fried rice then added shrimp, chicken and veggies. It was so good and plenty of it so I froze some and have a meal for myself today. Hubster will get a nice thick rib eye with fresh asparagus and some potato just not sure how I am going to cook that right now but I want to do something different with it.

    Not much on the agenda today other than penning some letters to friends back home and some card writing.

    May get that ironing out of the way early so I can just relax.

    Hope you have a most excellent and productive day.

    Much love to you all. That means you too Davey
  8. by   Davey Do
    Quote from Sabby_NC
    Big baby Davey
    AM NOT!

    Quote from Sabby_NC
    Much love to you all. That means you too Davey
  9. by   TopazLover
    Good morning all. I am sick. Headache and chills. I had some juice. Now back to bed. I suspect sinus infection but perhaps a virus. Either way, sleep, drink, and sleep.

    We are to get more snow today. I hope I sleep through it.
    Enjoy your day.
  10. by   Davey Do
    Quote from aknottedyarn
    Good morning all. I am sick. Headache and chills. I had some juice. Now back to bed. I suspect sinus infection but perhaps a virus. Either way, sleep, drink, and sleep.
    "Oooooh! (Sympathetic Sound). Sleep and sleep and sleep. Sleep is Most Healing.

    Sweet Dreams, AKY.
  11. by   Joe NightingMale
    AKY I hope you feel better. I haven't been feeling quite right either; kind of like Steph I've been having fatigue and headaches the last few days. Maybe it's the weather or some kind of infection.

    Morning Davey Steph Ted Sabby

    Work was OK yesterday, wanted to get a little more done but I also wanted to get out on time so I resisted the urge to stay longer. In a little over a week I should be working from home.

    Going to buy a desk in preparation for this sometime this morning, have one picked out that should fit the space I have and be big enough for everything.

    Going to talk to AT&T again, looks like they didn't get a recent payment and I don't want another late bill. Might have got lost in the mail. I might switch to automatic payments to avoid this problem in the future.

    Going to see dad today, also going to try and get outside too if it's not too cold.

    Saw "Be My Valentine Charlie Brown", it was pretty good but not as good as the other holiday specials. I didn't watch the updated version on later; the new ones aren't as good. Simplified animation, a faster pace, and not as funny.
  12. by   Davey Do
    Quote from Joe NightingMale
    Saw "Be My Valentine Charlie Brown", it was pretty good but not as good as the other holiday specials. I didn't watch the updated version on later; the new ones aren't as good. Simplified animation, a faster pace, and not as funny.
    Amen! Joe!

    Traditional animation (also called cel animation or hand-drawn animation) was the process used for most animated films of the 20th century. The individual frames of a traditionally animated film are photographs of drawings, first drawn on paper. To create the illusion of movement, each drawing differs slightly from the one before it. The animators' drawings are traced or photocopied onto transparent acetate sheets called cels, which are filled in with paints in assigned colors or tones on the side opposite the line drawings. The completed character cels are photographed one-by-one against a painted background by a rostrum camera onto motion picture film .
  13. by   Joe NightingMale
    . If you see them side by side you can tell right away.

    The new ones are brighter, have sharper lines, and the dialogue is quicker and the individual scenes are shorter. Probably computer animated. And in style more like modern cartoons.

    The old ones seem more traditional, almost drawn like watercolors at times. The scenes and speaking are slower. Which works better with Schulz's more philosophical style of humor.
  14. by   BCgradnurse
    Hey to all!

    I'm sitting here pretending we're not going to get a foot of snow today into tonight. I'm going to see if denial works. I'm all done with winter. Really. Just in case, though, I'll make a quick trip to the library and stock up on reading material. I have chocolate, wine, and plenty of cat food, so the animals and I are covered.

    AKY-sorry you're not feeling well. I hope it's a viral thing and goes away quickly. I wish I could beam some home made chicken soup (AKA Jewish penicillin) to you. Davey and Joe-that's interesting about the difference between older and newer animation. I remember seeing a special on early animation and wondering who would have the patience to draw, color, and photograph all of those cels. Sabby-did you get your car out yet? Your fried rice sounds delicious! I made a cold Thai noodle salad last night that was scrumptious. I'll try and put the recipe on FB. Steph-did you ever find out what was going on at the neighbors? Want me to fly out and put some snakes in their house? Maybe that will scare them away for good. Ted-enjoy your ACLS stuff. I need to do a bit more CE stuff myself. My NP certification is up for renewal in July and I'm just a tiny bit short on hours. I'm glad there's a lot of stuff available on line.

    Cross your fingers that my snow denial will work. Have a great day, everyone.
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