FBI knew plan

  1. Cnn came out with the report that in 1995 this country was informed by Phillipine intelligence that terrorists were planning suicide attacks on buildings in the USA in NY, Chicago, the Pentagon and San Francisco. On Monday, the Director of the FBI said there was no warning.
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  3. by   night owl
    i heard that too! the fbi said there was no warning, so who's tellin a lie? the fbi or phillipine intelligence? if the pentagon, which is supposed to be the highest secured building in the usa comes under attack by these brain dead individuals, how secure do you feel??? do you think the fbi would admit that they were warned??? hello? even if they beef up security in this country, i don't think i'll ever feel as safe as i did on sept 10th. it's a darn shame. but i'll still hang "our flag" on my house, wear my ribbon
    on my scrub jacket, and have "our flag" on the back window of my car and work at the va to show my love for my country. but i still feel that our country has been violated so badly...raped is a better term by these ****ers. anger has really set in big time for me now and i only wish i knew how to shake this feeling...

    "united we stand..."
  4. by   semstr
    I don't think it is possible for you to watch European TV, because there would be a lot of interesting things too!
    One report from Germany said, that a prisoner there (an Iraqi) wanted to contact the FBI, because he said he had information about a terrorist attack. At first nobody believed him of course, but finally they let him phone the FBI. Well, the FBI(knowing this call was checked by the German police) hang up on this guy as soon as they heared he was a prisoner.
    This happened the weekend before the 11 th.

    The chief of the police department in Hamburg (where 2 of the "pilots" lived as sleepers) confirmed this procedure.