Favortie breakfast cereal

  1. OK, mine is, I confess Captain Crunch, the ultimate number one, but I try not to buy it.

    Also like Frosted mini wheats, Grape nuts, Total (if I want to be good) and low fat qualer granola cereal.

    What's yours??
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    Peanut Butter Captain Crunch & Life. And about once a year I get a hankerin' for some Raisin Bran.

  4. by   caroladybelle
    Lucky Charms - I know, I know - It's childish.
  5. by   Robin61970
    Peanut Butter Capn Crunch and Cinnamon toast crunch
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i like special k, sugar smacks, and alphabets.
  7. by   kaycee
    I love the Special K with the strawberries. I normally am not a cereal eater, but I'll eat that and Cheerios.
  8. by   Fgr8Out
    MMMmmmm.... Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch, Raisin Nut Bran, Lucky Charms (Marshmallow Mateys in MaltOMeal brand), Cheerios, Frosted Flakes....
  9. by   Mkue
    ok, i confess, it's raisin bran and eat it any time, day or night !

  10. by   WashYaHands
    Trix or corn flakes with bananas. I know, Trix are for kids (but I'm only 39!).

  11. by   tiger
    oh yes, captain crunch is good. i also like cocoa pebbles. used to like count chocula, booberry and frankenberry(or whatever the name of the i guess strawberry flavored one.)haven't seen them in a while. by the way, does anyone remember "koogle" the chocolate flavored peanut butter. i liked it as a kid. don't think they make it anymore either.
  12. by   live4today
    I'm not the cereal fan in the house, my hubby is, but when I do eat cereal, I prefer either Raisin Bran, Shredded Wheat, or Honey Nut Cheerios. I like to eat Corn Pops right out the box as a snack. :kiss
  13. by   debralynn
    Dry Fruitloops!!! I never did put milk on my cereal. I figured I had milk in my glass, so thats where I kept it!!!
  14. by   nursegoodguy
    Malto Meal! It's good stuff...

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