favorite web sites?

  1. OK, I know this was posted some time ago, I tried a search, but that can only go back a year, so maybe it was longer ago??

    Anyway, I am interested in what your favorite web sites are. What is the best site for news? Music? Fun? Whatever!

    Please post the link if you can.

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  3. by   PJRNC2
    Why, allnurses.com of course! then comes Taste of Home, then Birds & Bloom. For giggles- Free Republic and Urban Legends(have some Humor spots marked also) Dog-O_Mania Top 100 dog sites and some cat sites. Also the Jonathan Edwards.com( currently reading through printed sermons from l731-l756)- very thought provoking-. Margaret- What sites do you have "earmarked"?
    I go to iMesh frequently for music. Like Napster, only better, and free. Amazing how they gave Napster all that sh*t, and there are a hundred places just like it that they haven't touched.

    I also go to a messsage board/community of cake decorators... nursing is my day job, sweets are my night job! It's my dream to own a bakery someday, spend my days surrounded by cake, cookies, and candy.

    Other than that, all I really have bookmarked are alot of sick/twisted/off color humor sites and stuff I come across and don't have time to look at, so I save it for later.

    And you?

  5. by   Zee_RN
    This one, of course!

    Taste of Home bulletin board (recipes and Kitchen Chat at http://bbs.reimanpub.com/bulletinboard.asp).

    An MSN community known as The Bookworm Hangout.


    Crossroads of Dereth (for those who play Asheron's Call, massive multiplayer online roleplaying game).


    Those are my normal daily rounds on the web.
  6. by   nurseleigh
    I, like the rest of you, spend a lot of time right here at Allnurses.com.

    I used to play games online at pogo.com and bingo.com and a few others. Unfortunately, now that i am back in school full time and working full time, I don't get to be online to much. So it is usually check my mail and check this BB for new stuff.

    I also go to some of the humor sites. My favorite is idiotfile.com I just love reading about stupid people all over the world!!!

  7. by   prmenrs
    I love webshots.com for wallpaper--I must have >50 photos downloaded. I do get Christmas in July sometimes, but it's still fun.

    Other than pogo.com [word whomp, nurseleigh, if that's your game, let me know! ] and excite games, I'm on allnurses more thananything.

    I also like ldonline.org for spec-ed related topics; I like to shop via the igive.com site so I can give a kickback to a favorite charity (a very small kickback, but nonetheless...), and the greatergood.com site to help breast cancer, rainforest and hunger causes.

    Google is best for searches, imho.

    I like this thread--gives me new things to try!! Thanks, hoolio!
  8. by   nurseleigh
    You guessed it!!!!! I can play that game for hours. I usually also try the crossword puzzle, but I am not that good at those. lol Gotta keep the brain active somehow, why not with wordgames.

  9. by   kids
    allnurses is the first one I open...
    (tho I confess I'm looking at multiple site at the same time)


    www.harcourthealth.com (an awsome periodicals site)
  10. by   Cindy_A
    One of my favorite links is refdesk http://www.refdesk.com/
    you can find ANYTHING on this site, it has hundreds of links to just abot anything you wnat to find.
    I also like games.com, I LOVE Scrabble!
    Like nurseleigh, I am in school now and working, so I don't have much time to surf, but I always find time for this site!
    It's great to see the other links, there've been several I'd like to check out.
    Webshots.com is great too, like prmenrs I have >50 pictures downloaded-mostly cats! The pictures are beautiful, many categories, and it's fun to be able to change your wallpaper often.
  11. by   live4today
    My favorite websites are:

    1) Allnurses, of course!

    2) http://www.ama-assn.org/sci-pubs/amn.../edca0128.htm.
    (This is favorite to me because of the wonderfully positive
    articles written about nurses by Dr. Michael Greenberg.
    Check it out! It's great!)

    3) www.findthetruth.com

    4) www.christianitytoday.com

    5) www.poofcat.com

    6) www.flowgo.com

    7) www.guideposts.com

    8) www.christianpoets.com

    9) www.InterviewWithGod.net

    10) www.ivillage.com

    11) www.fathersloveletter.com

    12) www.planetfeedback.com

    13) www.fastweb.com (if you are looking for scholarships/grants)

    I visit other nursing websites, but none that compare to Allnurses so I won't list any of the other ones that I frequent from time to time.
  12. by   prmenrs
    I cannot believe I forgot:

    jigzone.com!! Fun!