Favorite Vacation

  1. Beach camping. Portsmouth Island, NC
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  3. by   NursesRmofun
    Fav vacations so far have been at The FL Keys and the Bahamas.
  4. by   Sadie04
    Greece, Italy and Spain. It was fabulous!
  5. by   seanymph
    Australia. I actually lived there for 10 months with a boyfriend. Vacation time at a friend of his' beach house in Adelaide, Australia. Snorkeling and scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef.
    My next favorite would be Edinburgh, Scotland.
  6. by   JACALA_CL
    Algonquin Provincial Park (ontario)
    Fabulous Canoeing
  7. by   Tweety
    India, Taj Mahal and around.
  8. by   suzanne4
    Koh Samui, Thailand, started going there about 17 years ago..............
    My older dog's name is Samui for the island. When I named him, never thought that we would eventually be living in Thailand.

    The beaches are spectacular, the diving wonderful...............only good things to say about it.

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  9. by   MandyInMS
    Few years back my hubby and I took a nice short trip to Gulf Shores,Ala....then on to some beautiful isolated beaches in Florida..took a few bottles of wine a small grill and made a day of it..it was great the 2 of us being ALONE..we've had so few moments like these (need some more)......only drawback was getting a yeast infection from "frolicking" (sp?) in the ocean too much..haha...I know...TMI
  10. by   manna
    San Francisco. I'd love to go back. Or Disneyworld, especially now that I have kids.

    I haven't travelled much, though (mainly taken trips to Florida and Alabama when I was younger...)
  11. by   rollingstone
    Agadir, Marocco.