Favorite Music Groups

  1. Who do ya'll like.

    I like lots of them.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Almost Any Hard Rock from the 80's

    Stuff I am embarrassed to have in my collection:
    Bay City Rollers
    Donny Osmond
    Slim Whitman

    Your turn!!!
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  3. by   debralynn
    Ones that embarass my daughter:
    The Carpenters
    Barry Manilow
    Fiddler on The Roof CD
    Jesus Christ Superstar CD
    A Star is Born CD
    The Best of Bread
    Best of The Doobie Bros.
    Diana Ross and The Supremes
    to name a few

    I'm an oldie but goodie kind of girl!
  4. by   Tweety
    My alltime favorite group of alltime is the Carpenters

    Next comes Fleetwood Mac, still going strong after many years

    Love the Jackson Five, Diana Ross and the Supremes

    I like some of the groups of today like Matchbox Twenty, Goo Good Dolls, Third Eye Blind, Sugar Ray

    Embarrased to say I like Boyzone, Westlife, Steps, Atomic Kitten, (cheesey pop groups known around the world except in the US)(Steps and Boyzone have broken up). The Osmonds were a favorite of mine many many many years ago.

    Never was into the Beatles.
  5. by   Rav_810
    The Doors
    The Beatles
    The Byrds
  6. by   Ted
    The Beatles
    The David Matthews Band
    The Carpenters (Yea, I like 'em!)
    The Who
    Gentle Giant
    Emerson, Lake and Palmer
    Simon and Garfunkle (sp?)
    Paul Simon
    Weather Report
    Dixie Dreggs
    Joni Mitchell
    Blood Sweat and Tears
    The Spin Doctors
    Pat Metheny
    Miles Davis

    And oh so many more from so many different styles of music!

    Music is just wonderful!!!!

    My favorite modern day composer (who writes Broadway type musicals) is Stephen Sondheim! In my eyes, he's our modern day "Bach" or "Beethoven"!!!

  7. by   itsme
    Aerosmith is my number one group!! After that, just about any late 70 and 80's music! I love steven tyler- too bad he has never met me- he would love me too!!
  8. by   H ynnoD
    Toby Mac
    Sixpence None the Richer
    Paul Colman Trio
    Rebecca St. James
  9. by   Shamrock
    Anythng by Bonnie Raitt

    Lots by - here it comes, I'm going to say it - Dean Martin

    Patsy Cline


    Geez, too many to name!!