Favorite Beatles song?/ RIP Gearge Harrison

  1. "Blackbird" is great, but "Revolution" is truely a revolutionary song. There's so many great ones, who could have a favorite? It's sad to see another Beatle gone.
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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    My favorite Beatles song is "Twist and Shout".

    God Bless George Harrison, may he rest in peace!
  4. by   hoolahan
    I can't pick just one!

    With a little help from my friends
    Hey Jude
    I am the walrus
    Carry that weight, or every single thing on the sgt peppers album

    Not too many that I don't like, though there are a few, but those are my fav's.

    Goodbye George, I wish you golden slumbers.
  5. by   misti_z
    I am the walrus
    Michelle, My Belle

    So many wonderful songs.
  6. by   nur20
    John Lennon's "IMAGINE" one of the most beautiful songs ever written
  7. by   LilgirlRN
    I have VH1 on right now, they are having a tribute to George Harrison. He wrote the song Something, I'd have to say that its my fav of the ones he himself wrote. He died surrounded by people who loved him, what a nice way to go.
  8. by   aimeee
    Everything on the Revolver and St. Pepper albums...and the White Album...and Rubber Soul... and oh, shoot, I just like them all! He was best teamed with McCartney though. By himself he tended to wander off into the weeds, and McCartney alone was too syrupy. Together they reined each other in.
  9. by   night owl
    Favorite song? Are you kidding??? They were all great!

    If I had to list a few favorites, I'd have to say...Geeze, let's see...

    The White Album
    Sgt Pepper's LHCB Album
    "Michelle" {{{yessssssss!}}}
    Penny Lane...to name a few

    Thanks George for all the beautiful music
    and the wonderful memories...The Lord
    blessed you...now he keeps you with
    him. May He give you peace...
  10. by   CashewLPN
    well... ever since high school, I have been a beatles fan... as a matter of fact, a boy I was dating was a musician(eventually, he went to juliarrd) and turned me on to it...
    my favorite beatles song of all time would be 'While my guitar gently weeps'

    I have all the albums(a few on records, all on CD) and I can say I love them all...

    (a note of oddity... George was at my hospital getting palliative radiosurgery before he went to LA... he was hidden in the maternity ward's beautiful Birthing suite... I got to see Paul leaving when I was going into work about 3 1/2 weeks ago... never saw more guards in my life... they were going onto the back elevators as I was getting off... i was amazed.)

  11. by   ohlpn
    I have no single favorite song, but my favorite album is Rubber Soul. Next comes The White Album & then Sgt. Pepper's.
    I saw the Beatles live at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1965. My sister & I parked our car in the far corner of the parking lot with no other cars or people in sight. The Beatles limo came into the parking lot from a dirt side road, right next to our car, & Paul blew us a kiss. Next to the birth of my children, that has to be the greatest moment of my life! Nance
  12. by   nana kathy
    My very favorite, Hey Jude...Brings back lots of great memories for me... my next favorite .... ALL... What great times we had with the greatest of the great bands....

    It's hard to believe George is really gone. May Ringo and Paul be filled with peace and know just how much we appreciate the songs and music the 4 gave us. How sad to have another great one gone. Love and peach to all that loved them..............
  13. by   kaycee
    I love all the Beatle's stuff. Favorite George Harrison is Here Comes the Sun. Also love when he did the Traveling Willbury's stuff(sp), with Tom Petty,Bob Dylan,Roy Orbison ect. I'll miss him.