Fav Medical show

  1. hi,

    we have grown up seeing many seasons of so many tv shows on hospital, doctors & nurses life...
    ER, MASH, SCRUBS, THIRD WATCH....etc etc...

    which one wud you pick as your fav show ??

    Did any show inspire you to be in this profession ??

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  3. by   florianslove
    I have to say, most medical shows today, Grey's Anatomy, House dont portray nurses in a realistic light. They show Doctor's doing many nursing jobs and nurses just as peripheral characters. I would like to see some medical shows portray nurses as the strong, capable people they are:redpinkhe

  4. by   ErinJane
    I have to say that I love Grey's and House.

    And they are coming out with a show called "Mercy" next season that is centered around 3 nurses. I'm pretty excited about it, but I wonder how well it will do.

  5. by   That Guy
    Scrubs because I know they arent trying too hard to be medical related. At least a nurse is part of the main cast.
  6. by   nurse_student629
    most definitely er! grays and scrubs are not really focused on medicine, and house is unrealistic. er is the most realistic and had nurses in both major roles, and showed them positively.
  7. by   Trigirl.m
    Scrubs and House are two of my favorites; even my non-medical boyfriend loves them. The only other medical show I watch is Trauma: Life in the ER.
  8. by   Trigirl.m
    Interestingly, Slate has an article on "the most accurate television show about the medical profession" and it seems Scrubs is the winner, although presumably from a doctor's point of view. I am only a nursing student and am curious to hear what the nurses think.

    This probably doesn't sound like any hospital you've visited. But if you look past the cartoonishness, you find a series that's quite in tune with the real lives of doctors—and unlike your typical medical drama, one that's not required to end each episode with a climactic surgical procedure or whiz-bang diagnosis. ER, for instance, was about the heroic things doctors do to save lives, and every episode was rife with calamity. Scrubs, on the other hand, is mostly about what happens at hospitals between crises—the way doctors and nurses handle ordinary cases. And doctors say that as a depiction of the residency process, the show hits strikingly familiar emotional notes. J.D. narrates nearly every episode in a voice-over, setting up jokes and transitions between bits, but also describing his thoughts and insecurities. Doctors say they recognize in J.D.'s internal monologue the real thought processes of a young doctor at work.
  9. by   soon2bns
    I would have to say House and Private Practice. Greys Anatomy is okay, but I prefer the other shows.
  10. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    My favorites are : Mystery Diagnosis, " I didn't know I was pregnant", and ER stories. These are all reality type shows that comes on the discovery health channel.
  11. by   AHinch1988
    I loved watching ER. I am so glad TNT is still showing episodes. To me, ER is the most realistic show that follows arounds actors playing doctors and nurses and I loved the cast. I also like Scrubs because the show is hilarious. ErinJane, I have not heard about Mercy, but I will read about it on NBC's website and see if it looks interesting. I will watch any medical related show that is not super boring. Has anyone heard about a show called Hawthorne that's premiering on TNT on June 16th? I know its a new show an it looks really good. Those are all the medical related shows I like, lol. What does everyone else like?
  12. by   Nepenthe Sea
    House is hands-down my favorite, although I agree with previous posters about the nurse part. I saw one of the drs. cath a patient on there a few weeks ago, as if! And it's predictable - like how House always gets an "aha!" moment while talking to someone about something completely unrelated. I still like it, though.

    I like Mystery Diagnosis and all that stuff, too. The only show that ever made me want to be a nurse is "Babies: Special Delivery", but by the time I started watching it, I was already thinking about being a NICU nurse.
  13. by   tracyd77
    Right now House and the reality medical shows that come on Discovery Health are my favorites... but when is this Mercy show supposed to air? I didn't see the date on NBC's website, but I am interested in it.
  14. by   ErinJane
    They will announce when it is set to air on the 18th. I'm excited about it, it seems at least a little realistic.
    Also, I like the tagline "Doctors treat the disease, Nurses treat the patient."