Family Easter Traditions

  1. Am heading to Upstate NY to say good bye to my youngest son as he leaves for basic training for the Marines. Got me realizing he will not be with us this Easter.
    Don't think our remaining 3 feet of snow will be gone by that time so we probably will be having our egg hunt inside this year.
    Was wondering what traditions you all have for this season of hope and newness?
    Do you have any special recipes you can share?
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Many moons ago I needlepointed Easter Basket for my sons which they grab out of the box first to decorate table. Grandma's when little got them a windup toy which later evolved into easter type figurine. Last year 16yo 's peeping chick finally stopped peeping and you would have thought the world was coming to an end as we trudged together to stores looking for a replacement.

    Last year as hubby and I dyed eggs the night before we decided time for kids to start doing it. We told them after the Egg hunt outside. They sad NO wouldn't be the same----still holding on to being kids at 17 +14 this year.

    Center of basket is ALWAYS an 8oz Peanut Butter Egg which I write their name on with icing, coconut egg for me. Some years I've made it myself, others store bought. Each gets a Large bunnie/figurine, jelly beans with pectin and other assorted candies.

    Three years ago I started baking various Easter Breads now that they appreciate something other than white bread. Breakfast is either bacon and eggs, meat pirogies, or sausage and egg casserole---they decide and ham dinner.

    Looking forward to hearing about other traditions.
  4. by   emily_mom
    We don't dye eggs b/c no one will eat them. MAYBE we will this year if Em whines for it. Otherwise we have an egg hunt outside. Last year, we couldn't find one of the eggs (had change in it). Hit it with the lawnmower in May...shot out and broke our basement window... Glad we have a rider. This year....fluorescent pink eggs only...

    Don't know if I have to work yet. We usually just migrate to whoever will feed us...
  5. by   Lausana
    All the cousins get together to color eggs on Good Friday, then the kids hunt them and we have lunch. But Grandpa is moving into a retirement community apartment April 1 so I don't know who's house we'll do it at this year.

    The past few years we've all met for lunch out on Easter after service instead of cooking. Get a big table and enjoy without all the cleanup
  6. by   NurseDianne
    We always start off w/ Easter Sunrise Service........several different churches get together every year....and each year it is at a different place.
    One year, we had it on someones was so funny........the farm had hundreds of genni (sp?) the sun came did the hens.......and they were so loud that the preacher just finished the prayer and everyone went home.
    We then go breakfast.........usually head for regular Easter lunch at Nana's.....HAM, Deviled eggs......etc.........hunted "chocolate" eggs inside........"they melt outside".....put flowers on the grans graves.........and just visit.........
  7. by   hapeewendy
    well my childhood memories of easter are very fond
    but does "getting the youngest, only girl, hyper already grandchild all hopped up on various candies, confections and chocolate so she bounces off the walls" considered tradition?
    if so ,that was ours
    my parents, errrrr i mean the "easter bunny" would hide presents over the house for me , (including underwear on a hanging lamp one year, didnt find that one too funny as I was 12 years old and had stopped wanting to do anything for easter for a few years now) we would have a fantastic dinner, mmmmmmmm miss those years, miss having all the people important to me around , sounds sappy and sentimental but now the its only my mom and I left, so what we do now when easter approaches is choose a night to go to a great restaurant, exchange some sweet stuff and rent movies

    memories are what you make them...
  8. by   Beach_RN
    We start off with the kids waking up and seeing their Easter baskets on top of their dresser! They think the Easter Bunny brings it! Don't know how much longer that will last!! LOL
    Once everybody gets ready and puts on their new Easter outfits! The kids go outside and look for thier Easter Eggs (thier actually plastic eggs filled with goodies and money... I place them aal over the yard and in the front of the house.

    Once we are done with that.......... we leave the house for what will be a LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNG Day!

    We start off with church in the city with my parents, after church we stay for cake and coffee with all church members and sit and chit chat. Mind you church starts at 10AM with my mom, it take us about a little over an hour to get their, and the service is over at 12:30. By the time we get done with chit-chatting and coffee 2:00 PM and it's off to my MIL house!

    My entire H family is there, all the cousins etc, etc.... and we sit down for a major 5 course meal! By the time we are done with that, it's maybe close to 7pm.... and it's back home we go!
  9. by   baseline
    Well, with no children of my own, no real traditions anymore. Mom still buys me a Fanny Farmer chocolate covered cream egg.
  10. by   Reabock
    I was raised in the Canal Zone in Panama (civilian-not military) and I remember several times going to Easter Sunrise Service in the causeway. We had a Union Church service (kind of like a lot of Protestant churches all rolled into one combined service) early AM and watched the sun come up behind an Alter outside while seated on metal folding chairs, very beautiful, almost mystical to a young child. Then we did the egg hunt thing with plastic eggs with money/candy/toys in them either in house or yard and of course a Ham dinner!