Falling in love

  1. What was the final straw? What were the loving words, the meaningful glance or whatever, when it really hit you: "I really LOVE this person."

    I can tell you mine. But it's a sad-ish sort of story, so I shan't bore you with details. But the words that took my breath away and I said to myself "I will love this man the rest of my life."

    He said - about my daughter: "God, I love that kid."


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  3. by   KC CHICK
    That's wonderful Dennie.
    For me, I think it was many moments. (I have trust issues I think...product of divorce.) Anyway, he took care of everything during my last year at school...paid the bills, did laundry, paid for meals out. The first summer we dated, I went on a cruise with my cousin. While I was gone, Darren had washed my car...detailed it inside and out! We've been together for over a year and a half and he STILL opens the car door for me. The list goes on and on.


    PS I had to mention something that I saw on my way out of the hospital the other day. A couple was coming to the door...a girl and her boyfriend or husband...not sure which. The man had a halo on ....screws and all. HE OPENED THE DOOR FOR HER!! Struck me as very special.
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    I had been dating my now husband for about three weeks. We had been out to dinner a few times and he had even taken me to a Cleveland Indians game (this is a big deal as tickets sell out quick). My feelings toward him were running wishy washy. The thing that he did that made me realize that this was the one was when he sent me roses--out of the blue for no special reason. Pretty silly, I know. Now that we've been married for almost three years, I get flowers maybe once a year. He brought me a few carnations a few weeks ago. With Valentine's Day coming up, I'd better be getting some more roses!!!!!!
  5. by   Furball
    My heart went pitter patter in the waiting room at the local ER. I had been watching my nephew for a few days while my brother and his wife were out of town for a funeral. Well, the little tyke fell and busted his knee wide open! My boyfriend of about 1 month (now hubby) went to the ER with me and he was GREAT keeping the scard 5 year old entertained during the 4 hour wait. He also distracted him during the suturing and he was sewn up with minimal crying. I knew then he was THE ONE for me!
  6. by   betts
    When my husband wrote these words on the first valentines card he gave me,32+ years ago; "Betts, when we first met I couldn't get you out of my Mind; now I can't get you out of my Heart!"

    It will be 33 years on 10/30/02
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    I asked him to dance the night we met at his trade school dance. He said yes. He took my breath away so much, that I was somewhat quiet and let HIM talk (last time he says). My heart kept pounding when I went home. Three months later while dating, 10yo brother draws big picture of us getting married with a 5 in. high ring. (Suprise to me!) That's when I knew he had the seal of approval and was a keeper. He still thinks I put my brother up to drawing the picture after 27 years.

    Only later did I find out he hadn't attended the dance, only stoped by cause he left his jacket in the football locker room while putting equipment away.....so I took HIS breath away too.
  8. by   Michelle_nurse
    There were just so many little things that made me realize that I loved him a lot!!!
    We knew of each other in high school, he was a grade behind me and was in the schools famous rock band on lead electric guitar..........I ended up bumping into him on a Montreal city bus, and we immediately recognized each other as being from the same high school. We sat together talking all the way to the subway, (near where we now live), we said bye when we had to go our separate ways, my metro car came and all I heard was shoes pounding down the escalator, he chased me to get my #, giving some lame excuse, that he would call me if there was a high school get together.......LOL.

    He called me the next day, and he played me guitar on the phone and sang to me. It felt like we had known each other forever, and as kids we lived 15 minutes from each other and never spoke a word!

    We were friends for 9 months, talking mostly on the phone, we went to coffee, a few movies, rollarblading, etc. But we were only hanging out as friends, I suspected that he was maybe interested in me, but for me the timing wasn't perfect.

    Then one day, it hit me. I was suddenly VERY excited to see his name on my phone when he called one morning.

    Steve was so much fun, so easy to talk to, easy going, just not a bad bone in his body. We grew up in similar backgrounds, we have many of the same views and he was so gentle, caring and considerate.

    I found myself wanting to spend every minute with him, it got to a point where we knew we were going somewhere, we went out with a bunch of friends and had our first kiss........history from there. It has been 3 years, and nothing has changed.

    I can't wait till Valentines day!!! I hope I get what I think I might be getting I would be sooooo happy!!!!!!
  9. by   kids
    I was taking a close shot of my now husband 'daydreaming' with a 100mm lens and the first thing that came into focus was his eyes. They say that the eyes are the window on the soul and I just knew at that moment. I did take the picture and have it framed in my office...he still swears he was daydreaming about me.
  10. by   Sundowner

    Not unlike the rest of you, there were a thousand things that told me this man was mine. This man held back my hair as I hunched over the toilet with morning sickness, shaved my legs when I could no longer reach, and when I gave him three children and thought I couldnt possibly love him more, my father died suddenly, and there he was silent strong and holding my entire family together. He held me when I cried, and took care of things when I couldnt. Gave me silent support without question. This was the point when I knew this man was and will always be everything to me.
  11. by   mario_ragucci
    This IS an interesting thread. To imagine a moment in time when I may come to the realization when I am deeply in love with someone. Falling in love is sometimes like placing a bet at a blackjack table, and you know what can happen when you win, then go back, trying to win against the house. So single sentences are risky to place an emotional bet on. You know what I mean

    If she said something profound, then we spontaneously shared a five star kiss, that would qualify. Like, if she compared our love to hydrogen fussion, then we french kissed, Iy'd be spellbound.

    Or, if she made reference to some solar event (flare, mass ejection, sunspot number) occuring which coincided with our meeting, that would be melting me too. Deep words and expressions go deep into my heart.

    If she recognised our love as a key, and compared ourselves, and our love, to a limitless power, that would be an event to turn on my love's facilitated diffusion.

    You can see why I am still single, but, I don't mind waiting for her.
  12. by   hoolahan
    This is a great thread. Mario, you old romantic you!

    Anyway, I was 16, and I had just been dumped by the guy I thought was my whole life. (You remember how it was back then.)

    My friend Paul called and asked if I wanted to go out. Anyway, he then asks if I would mind if his friend Dave came along. Then before I could say another word he says, here talk to him, and passed the phone to this Dave guy. I am rolling my eyes thinking when I see Paul I will get home for putting me on the spot like this! But the guy sounds nice, and Paul gets back on the phone and I say come on over.

    We stopped at a friends house where we played pool, and Dave and I were sitting accross from each other. He was drop dead gorgeous, and I decided right then and there that he was mine!! LOL! Poor guy, he never knew what hit him.

    Anyway at the end of the night he asked for my number. The next day I was sitting outside talking with my neighbor, she was the "cool" lady next door, you know that adult you tell all your secrets to but would never dream of telling your mother? Well, I was sewing a jean skirt from a pair of jeans ( another cool thing to do back then) and telling her how I really wished this guy would call me. Through the open window, I hear the phone ring in my house and damn near break my neck trying to get there in time. Yup, it was him. We went out that night, it was true love from then on. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, couldn't tell mom he was 21! So, when Dave turned 22, I told my mom he was really going to be 19, I made him a B-day cake. I was putting the candles on being sure to only put 19. Mom is watching over my shoulder and says, why don't you just go ahead and add the other two? I was shocked!! What? I said, she explained how she had put 2+2 together and it added up to 22, but by that time, she liked him so much, she was OK with it. We dated for seven years. Lived together for one, then got married. The rest is history.
  13. by   kaycee
    My husband is a cop and one night a bunch of us went out for a drink after work. We had a horrendous night in the ER and everyone needed to wind down. I knew some of the local police but had never met him. We were talking and I was working on my first beer. Suddenly I felt very warm and felt like I needed some fresh air. Before I knew it I woke up on the floor in this bar with with my head cradled in his lap and everyone standing around. He was so sweet and caring, and very concerned. I to this day have no idea why I passed out(I didn't even have a whole drink), but that night he asked me out. I knew that night that this guy was it. We dated and then lived together for 6mos. We've been married for almost 20yrs.
    My kids think it's a riot that we met after I passed out in a bar. I wouldn't recommend it but it worked for me.:roll
  14. by   nurs4kids
    The first time we made love...I'M joking!!! lol

    I don't remember the exact moment...I continue to fall in love with him all over each day. Admittedly his green eyes pulled me in pretty quickly, but several years later watching him with our kids..the gentleness, the awesome father he is (and awesome husband)..I continue to fall deeper and deeper in love.