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  1. Sorry this post is so long but I wanted to share this with everyone and get their opinion. I was having an argument with a Liberal bleeding heart nurse co worker who wondered why anyone could be a Republican. I told her this story of someone I know who is a Republican and why he is a Republican. She thought it was a great bit of fiction. I want to know if you think this is fiction or real.

    I know this guy who was born in to dirt poor poverty. He was the last of 10 kids to blue collar parents. Theses people did not have 2 dimes to rub together. To top it off the parents were alcoholics. He remembers seeing them fight constantly. He remembers watching his mother hit his father over the head many times with a coffee mug. They moved a lot in those days not owning their own house or when they did not being able to keep up the mortgage payments. Finally though they got bought a house and settled in. The kid was 8 years old then. He was sitting with his mom one night right after dinner when she started to have her 5th heart attack. As he got up she fell to the floor dead from a massive MI. next thing you know they are having a funeral and the kid thinks that his mom's death was his fault, that if he was not sitting there after arguing about not eating his peas for dinner she would still be alive.

    By this time most of the other kids are moved out of the house. Only 5 kids are still at home. Dad goes on a drinking binge and ends up in detox after about a year of solid drunkenness. While in Detox the dad meets a nurse there who was working there. She also not surprisingly was an alkie. They get married and the kid and his next older brother move in with the new mom. She was an abusive lady who hit and yelled at the kids and treated them rather roughly. The marriage thankfully lasted only 3 months before she realized they guy actually did not have any money and she divorced him.

    They move back to their old house and the dad decides to move the 2 youngest kids down to Guatemala. He had run away to there when he was a child and knew lots people there. So next thing you know this poor kid is in Guatemala going to 4th grade where they do not even speak English. He sure did not speak Spanish. So he could not even make friends. There was a Revolution going on at the time in Guatemala and the kid remembers seeing dead bodies in the street on the way to school. In the morning they would go up to the roof of the house to see if they could hear gunfire. If they did they would not go to school that day. They lived there for about a year before the dad moved them back home, because things did not work out there.

    The dad meets another woman, a gentle kind soul actually who he marries. She lives in another state so the kid moves there with his brother. They moved to the Northern woods of the state. They did not even have a TV. They lived 8 miles from town and he had only one friend there, a girl who lived about mile from them. They were still dirt poor. He remembers his father trying to set up a business and failing at it and racking up debts galore. They ended up on food stamps for years. The family finally moves to a large city and the kid goes to high school there. The dad's work is sporadic at best and he still drinks. The kid ends up working full time while in high school to help support his mom and dad. He graduates high school with a 2.0 gpa. He could have done better but working 40+ hours a week does not make for good studying. The dad finds a job down south and moves with the wife there. The kid follows because he has heard that there is cheap tuition down there. The kid has to pay his own way through college. The parents cannot afford it. The kid lives with the parents in a SMALL one bedroom duplex on the poor side of town. He sleeps on a rollaway bed in the living room. He sleeps there for 3 years. His dad works on and off because the downturn in the economy, so the kid also works full time while going thru college to help his parents again. He works at jobs such as truck driving, working at an amusement park and odd construction jobs. He finally graduates with a degree but cannot find a job at all that pays above minimum wage. He enlists in the military and is sent overseas. He finds he has a natural affinity? For nursing while in the service, seeing as he was a combat medic and it seemed to come easy for him. He decides to go to nursing school. He also meets a woman and gets married in the service. He gets out and works jobs like pizza delivery and works nights in a convenience store. They have a baby and that is the deciding factor about nursing school.

    He works nights and weekends and goes to school. He applies for public assistance for food stamps but he does not qualify. He had a car that was worth 100 bucks too much and put him over the limit for food stamps. He and his wife work together and pay car payments and daycare, full rate daycare seeing as he did not qualify for public assistance, and rent on minimum wage jobs. He finishes his BSN in a year and half due to the school accepting credits from the first degree and OJT from the military as school credit. He gets a job as a nurse has another kid and they finally decide they need a house. He saves his money and buys a house finally...needs remodeling but it is theirs. He decides to open his own business after nursing for years and now is on the verge of finally making it large. This is why he is a Republican. No one ever handed him a thing and he has succeeded on his own. He has furnished his house room by room....cash and carry and has no credit card debt. He works hard and still takes time for his family. He has done everything that the liberals said could not be done. He has come from a poor broken dysfunctional family and succeeded at overcoming adversity without outside help. That is a Republican.

    Is this story fact or fiction...you tell me and I will tell you the answer.

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  3. by   Stargazer
    Gee, I'm gonna go waaaay out on a limb here--"the kid" was you, yes?
  4. by   nurs4kids
    I'm guessing it's YOUR fact.

    beyond that, i'm speechless, dave.
  5. by   JedsMom
    I'm guessing it's you too!
  6. by   Mkue
    I think it could be factual
  7. by   Jenny P
    So what if it's true; what difference does it make about HOW the kid was raised/grew up when it comes to his political party?

    Many people were raised in difficult situations and in spite of impossible odds; there are about as many Democrats as Republicans among them.

    People make up their minds one way or the other according to THEIR beliefs of what each party stands for.
  8. by   Dplear
    I am not going to try to start a flame war here...What it means to me is that the Democrats want everything hamded to people and the Republicans want to get things on their own. To me that signifies the difference between them. Generally speaking the more difficult the situation you were raised in the more likely it is that you are a democrat. I learned that fact in political science oh so many years ago.

  9. by   Stargazer
    Originally posted by Dplear
    To me that signifies the difference between them. Generally speaking the more difficult the situation you were raised in the more likely it is that you are a democrat. I learned that fact in political science oh so many years ago.
    This statement seems to completely contradict the entire point of your first post, so I really don't understand what it is you're trying to say here.

    I am not going to try to start a flame war here...What it means to me is that the Democrats want everything hamded to people and the Republicans want to get things on their own.
    Um, making sweeping generalizations like this, which are by very definition inevitably going to be grossly inaccurate, is precisely how to go about starting a flame war, so, again, I don't understand what this thread is trying to accomplish.
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  10. by   Rustyhammer
    I see your point Dave but saying that as a republican you will always be wallowing in the debt free fruits of your labor and hard times are best left to the Democrats is silly.
    I think that regardless of your political afilliation, you can dig yourself into debt or rise above it. Welfare and food stamps aren't reserved for the left wingers.
    hmmm....I'll just leave it at that.

  11. by   Stargazer
    Originally posted by Rustyhammer
    I see your point Dave but saying that as a republican you will always be wallowing in the debt free fruits of your labor and hard times are best left to the Democrats is silly.
    Oh, is THAT what he was trying to say?

    Well, yes. That is silly. And, as I said before, necessarily inaccurate. And it doesn't change my feeling that this topic is meant to simply polarize people, for no useful purpose that I can discern.
  12. by   PennyLane
    Originally posted by Dplear
    ...What it means to me is that the Democrats want everything hamded to people and the Republicans want to get things on their own. To me that signifies the difference between them. Generally speaking the more difficult the situation you were raised in the more likely it is that you are a democrat. I learned that fact in political science oh so many years ago.

    Uh, I think the differences between the two parties/schools of thought are MUCH more involved than that.

    Oh, and BTW I think the story's true!
  13. by   rncountry
    Guess this one Dave.
    A child is born in California, Los Angeles. His mother is about 10 years older than his father. He has two half siblings as his mother was married once before, but the first husband passed away. The second marriage has produced an older sister as well. His mother met his father working in a phych facility, he was an orderly, she was a nurse. Dad is a great guy unless he is drinking.
    At the age of 5 his mother left his father and moved the children, now including a younger brother, to a small town in Texas just outside Austin where her sister lives. The oldest child from the first marriage stays in California where he is working on a ranch, he in only 16. He stays because his mother cannot afford to keep him with her and and he believes he can make it on his own now. She doesn't argue. The child's mother divorces the father, and after struggling with finances she puts the remaining 4 children into an orphanage so she can go out and work and save her money till she can afford to bring the children back home. The kids are in an orphange for 9 months, in this time frame the woman who owns the orphange beat the children for nealy anything. The young boy not quite 6 has a broom handle broken over his back because he was beat with it so severely. His oldest sister has a tooth knocked out trying to protect him.
    By the time this boy is 10 years old and his younger brother is 9 they are out working the fields to help bring money into the house, school is sporadic. Often the children do not know where the next meal is going to come from. The oldest sister is now 17 years old and she is the main caretaker for the younger children, especially when her mother decides to leave the kids and go to Boston to take Christian Science training.
    At 13 the boy is in reform school. His younger brother had stolen a car, but the this boy told the police he did it so his brother would not get into trouble. While in reform school one of his tasks was the laundry. At this time if the lid was raised on the washer the cycle didn't stop, the young man thought the load of sheets was done and reached in to pull them out, as he did so the spin cycle started and his arm was caught up in the sheets, twisting it and breaking it in two distinct places. At the hospital he had to have pins placed and the physician told him that he would never have complete use of that arm again. By now this young man had enough hard knocks in life to know that if anything was going to happen, he had to make it happen. So he got a nun to bring him a tennis ball and he squeezed that ball over and over and then some more until he had strengthed that arm enough that he did have complete use of the arm. After he got out of the hospital he was placed in a foster care home, the state had taken him away from the family. He lived with the foster family for nearly a year, they were the first family he had lived with that had some semblence of normalcy.
    At 15 his father came back into the picture, he promised he had quit drinking and wanted to be part of the family. Shortly thereafter the young man's parents remarried. They moved to his father's home town in Missouri. Not two months later his younger brother came running out to the wheat field the young man was working in to tell him that dad was beating the girls and mom. The 15 year old boy was now 6'4" and while slight built he had been spending years working in the fields giving him quite a bit of strength. The teen ran 3 miles back to his house to find his mother tied to a chair with his father beating her, one of the girls had a cruxifix necklace ripped off of her neck, leaving her neck bleeding, both girls faces were swollen from the blows they had received. The young man grabbed his father and began to hit him, he hit him so many times the man didn't get back up. The young man then picked him up and threw him out the door and told him he could crawl away after dark like snakes do. The two boys then cleaned up their mother and sisters. By this time the young man no longer attended school. He had gotten in trouble time and time again, so the school "invited" him to not return for his 11th grade year. He figured it didn't matter since he had missed a great deal of school because he was working.
    At 17 both of his sister's had married, the younger brother had left to go to find work and had not contacted the family for 3 months. His mother decided her work was done and told him she was leaving to go to Boston to practice as a Christian Science Nurse. She left letters for him and his brothers. Two letters for each. One giving permission to sign up for the military, the other permission to get married. She told the young man that he would have to move into the local boarding house. There was no house to sell, they had never owned one only had rented. He moved into the boarding house in town and had less than a dollar in his pocket when his mother left. A couple weeks later the younger brother came back to town and found some other family living in his house. He asked around town and found his brother living in the boarding house, where he then moved into his brother's room. The young man would go to the outdoor theatre and eat the pickles that were out to go on hamburger's from the snack bar because he had no money to feed himself with. Eventually he was able to get a job at the snack bar, his pay was a meal a day. Harvest was over so there was no more field work for the year. After a couple months of this he decided that the only option he had was to go into the service, he lied about his age and gave them the letter from his mom and they let him in. While going through basic training he worried about his brother, who had take the job at the snack bar left vacant. Once the young man began being paid in the service he sent his paychecks home to his younger brother.
    Eventually the younger brother also joined the service. The young man got his GED through the military and took every class he could to advance himself in the military. By the time he retired he was the highest rank he could go as an enlisted man, he had bought a house and gotten his bachlor's degree in business. It had taken him 6 years of going to school at night, and working during the day. He had never seen his father again after the night he beat him and threw him out of the house, not even to go to his funeral, when he had died a couple years later. His contact with his mother was very sporodic, many times he did not even know where his mother was living. But this man had made it, and done well for himself. He became everything that his parents were not.
    Did this man grow up to be a democrat or republican?
  14. by   Nurse Izzy
    I believe that the story is true. Beyond that, it is traditionally true that Democrats are more public assistance (in my OPINION handouts) oriented. There is nothing wrong with this other than the fact that many people decide to abuse the system, which is both their and the system's fault. It's been my experience that the people who most need the assistance don't qualify for whatever reason... We most definitely need some form of public assistance, but (and I don't think anyone can disagree with me here) the system is most definitely broken. Do I know how to fix it? No, if I did I'd either be rich or in the President's cabinet...