Facial Cleansers??

  1. Just curious as to what everyone uses to wash their faces with?? I have gone back to using trusty ole Noxema.. I was using something by mary kay... But it seems to make my face break out...
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  3. by   delirium
    I love Noxzema. There's something about it that reminds me of being a kid (that's all we used to clean our faces, treat our sunburns, etc.).

    I use Noxzema cleansing cloths, they have a soft side and an exfoliating side.

    I also use a Biore moisturizer, and have a Biore heating mask that I use once a week or so... that sucker really gets hot!
    The only thing I use religiously is L'Oreal's Hydra Fresh Foaming Gel. It's this blue-green gel that smells sooooo good! I'm out right now, so I have to make a run later today (for my good hairspray too! I'm all out of that too! ACK!)

  5. by   kaycee
    Oil of Olay foaming face wash. It's very gentle and non drying. Then I use Loreal's Hydra renewall as a moisturizer.
  6. by   RNinICU
    I use products from the L'Oreal line too. I love what they do for my skin, and the company does not do animal testing. I use their hair care products and make up for the same reason.
  7. by   Robin61970
    I seem to use whatever works at the time. I had(until about 1 year ago) 8-10 cleansing products and such. You see I have Roscea and I have BAD breakouts.......my face gets huge red knots and it looks horrid.....when it happens I have to take antibiotics and try to keep it clean....it's horrible. It is hard to deal with, but I have come to the conclusion that different types of cleansers don't help much. I also can't wear makeup.......I break out badly after wearing makeup.........
  8. by   SusanRN2004
    Dial soap! And people have said I have a nice complexion....I am praying I take after my father's mother....at 90 she looked better than her daughters.

    When I was telling the ladies in the beauty shop...(they asked what I used) The beautician said she had someone else tell her they used Lava!! And they had nice looking skin! Maybe the abrasives keep the skin smooth!
  9. by   Mattigan
    I waste my money on the Clinique skin care system and turn around cream. It's realy good but I am pretty sure I could use something less expensive that is just as good. Old habits die really hard I guess.
  10. by   Mattigan
    ...or maybe I just have too much money???? No, that's not it.
  11. by   Rena RN 2003
    oh, i had horrible adolescent acne. went to derm. was given every type of regimen to follow. took the tetracycline route. used every type of cleanser in the book (one at a time of course, trying to find the one that "worked").

    acne followed me into adult hood.

    UNTIL i used dove soap. nothing more, nothing less. i had never used it before because of the "moisturizer" in it. i had oily enough skin without adding to it.

    from about 7 days after i started using it, the acne cleared up. the oily skin is still oily but not as bad.

    people look at me now as swear they would never know that i was a "pizza face"
  12. by   delirium
    I've tried Dove. I wasn't impressed... it made my skin really dry and tight.

    I absolutely have to moisturize.

    I remember once as a teenager I tried Neutrogena Acne Wash because my face had broken out. My face was bright red, dry, scaly and peeling for about 3 days after using it one time. I definitely need something for sensitive skin.
  13. by   BadBird
    I use Dove soap and water then I moisturize, I have great skin.
  14. by   Lausana
    I used to use Neutrogena (don't remember the name, the cleanser/makeup remover in one) but then I discoved that Suave's was just like it & cheaper too. Works great and doesn't burn my peepers :chuckle

    I have to use some moisturizer, either a tinted one from covergirl or one that has an acne treatment in it, I think that one's from Neutrogena.

    Unfortunately I inherited my mom's breakout prone skin...thank goodness for concealer!