Eyes & Nose

  1. Attending to a md resident who is from another country. Better check the patient's I&O's, the patient has cardiomyopathy and we need to look at that. Resident leaves and comes back. "The patients eyes and nose are o.k. but what does that have to do with his heart?"

    Sad but true story.
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    too scary. :uhoh21:
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    this needs to be in Reader's Digest or something. But then, it's not that funny is it????

    yea it is....hehehe

    thanks tweets.
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    He (the doc) gets a couple of points for asking, at least!!!
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    Too funny!
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    Submit that one to the calendar that has 365 Medical Goofs!!! That is just too funny. What a doof! Please tell me this resident isn't going into cardiology!!! :chuckle :chuckle
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    That is too funny!
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    The intern taped his admission notes on Friday night.
    Monday morning the report came to the unit starting with:

    "On arrival the intubated patient was BEAN BAGGED on 100% O2."
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    I've seen the "eyes and nose" thing in a couple of patient charts, as in "We will diurese the patient, watch her eyes and nose for a couple of days and see if the edema resolves" .......guess the transcriptionist needed a little more work on her medical terminology!