Excerpts from the book Crashing the Party... Ralph Nadar

  1. I do not want Nadar to run for president, but I still think he has a lot of important things to say.

    Here are a few excerpts from his book-
    Crashing the Party
    Taking on the Corporate Government
    in an Age of Surrender
    by Ralph Nader
    Thomas Dunne Books, 2002

    Great societies must have public policies that declare which rights, assets, and conditions are never for sale.

    ... a working, deliberative democracy has few real champions in the Republican or Democratic parties. These parties , see their self-perpetuation in the narrowest of dimensions-largely by allowing business interests too great a say in local, state, and national agendas. There is a relentless lobbying industry that enlarges the privileges and immunities of corporations as compared with individuals and makes sure that governments leave the people defenseless and feeling powerless.

    ... Congress, the White House, and the state governments, have given away the store to corporations through deregulation, privatization, subsidies, reduced law enforcement, and limitations on civil lawsuits.

    Third parties, which were the first to raise the seminal issues of our past-from slavery to abolition to the status of women, minorities, labor, and farmers - are now deemed "spoilers."

    Today, much ... economic, political, and technological power is in the hands of global corporations wielding immense influence over our government in very intricate ways... The trajectory of this power is to centralize control - using our own government, wherever necessary, against its own people - and advance short-term commercial interests at the expense of the elevated living conditions and realizable horizons that should be the just rewards of all people.

    The corporate quest for sovereignty over the sovereignty of the people is an affront to our Constitution and our democracy.

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