Ever watch Dr. G or Mystery ER?

  1. I know everyone LOVES LOVES LOVES Grey's A and ER. I probably would if I gave those a chance but I hate how they are like soap opera's. You can't just jump in and start watching. You have NO CLUE what is going on. Totally sucks. So, in lieu of those, I watch Dr. G Medical Examiner and Mystery ER. I think they come on Discovery Health. I just love these shows. I love how on Dr. G you get to see what is going on inside the body. Mystery ER you get to try and think up what may be wrong with the person before they tell you. And on both, you learn something.

    Any other medical shows you guys watch that you really feel teach you something? I am about to be a New grad so it is alllll interesting to me. :spin:
    Does Grey's and ER teach. I mean, are they like real life or no way? That is what I don't like about the soap opera ones. I want to learn accurate info before I want to see who is doing who...you know what I mean? LOL.........
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  3. by   justme1972
    I love Dr. G, but I like Autopsy with Dr. Michael Baden better. Dr. G doesn't have very many episodes, so most of them are repeats.

    Untold stories of the ER is one of my favorites, but it's also scary. However, I think it is great education to the public that it is impossible for all doctors to know everything.

    They had one ER Doctor, older with years of experience, that was faced with a man that had a tree branch of 2" diameter ran all the way through his neck. I'll never forget that doctor, "You can't let the staff, nor the patient, know that you didn't have a clue as to how to treat this patient" He walked out of the room in great distress...he felt that this patient was beyond his expertise and would most likely die because of it.

    However, he called another doctor at another hospital, consulted with a Neurosurgeon at his own hospital, and together they were able to come up with a way to remove the branch.

    The patient survived...and suffered nothing but a nasty scar.

    Doctors should be knowledgeable, but Gods, they cannot be. I believe that this is the expectation of the general public, which is very unreasonable.
  4. by   CritterLover
    i've never seen grey's anatomy, and i absolutely detest er (though i did have a resident once tell me he first learned how to place chest tubes by watching it on er )

    i've also never seen mystery er.

    but i do like dr. g. it can still be a bit "dramatized," and that irritates me, but i still like it.

    i've also watched "mystery diagnosis." while i find it interesting, it is definatly way too dramatized. it tends to showcase a first physician that just wouldn't listed to the patient/family, and then they find a new doc that finally listens to them, and discovers what is really wrong. it also tends to villify the first doctor -- how could he/she be so incompetent? then each episode usualy ends with a family member telling the viewing audiance not to ever give up, to insist on more tests, be persistent......which i have mixed feelings about.

    i think it is important to empower people regarding their own health care, and to teach people that the doctor isn't always right. but i have these visions of people running into the er or back to their doctor's office for every ache and pain, every episode of n/v, because they didn't like the diagnosis they got yesterday. or because the medicine, that they got yesterday, hasn't helped yet. when those types of shows are on, it can be difficult to remind people that most illnesses are common ones, not rare or exotic disorders.

    i have to say that mystery diagnosis has helped me "get into" the mind of some of the family members, though, and maybe even deal with them better.
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  5. by   nrsang97
    I really like to watch Dr.G and Untold stories of the ER. I also like to watch Mystery diagnosis, and Mystery ER. I also really like to watch Autopsy but am not sure when it is on I have only seen it once or twice and I think it was on HBO. It is much more graphic than Dr.G. I learn a lot watching these shows.