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    I'm a student nurse and an employed nurse {part time}. I have two children that I love very dearly and they are very active in school sports and academics. I'm having trouble juggling my studies and my home life. I love to be at my children's side and feel guilty when I'm not, yet my grades are falling. I have the nursing skills in clinical but not wonderful with test taking. I study all the time yet if feels like I'm not studying the right information. I'm at the point of melt down! Any ideas?
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  3. by   lisadavis
    there are no easy answers and no quick fixes. give yourself a break. you don't have to do everything your kids need or want and you don't have to get perfect grades... strive for moderation. when i studied it helped me to physically recopy my notes, sometimes i even typed them. this really helped me to focus. i know it is a cliche but sometimes quality time is better than quantity. good luck. hang in there school does come to an end
  4. by   WildBill
    Thanks Lisa,
    I know it's corny but sometimes I want to just sit down and cry. Thanks for taking the time to reply
  5. by   live4today
    (((HUGS))) WildBill!

    I was about your age when I went through nursing school, raising three little girls, married, running a household, running around like a chicken without a head to ensure my kids were happy little larks in their own activities, and making sure hubby was always satisfied! Whew! Take a breather, why don't ya! :chuckle

    I always put my husband and three children first, and myself last. Even our two family pets came before me. They got groomed right along with the family. :chuckle

    I don't for the life of me know how I made it through all that stress during my college days, but I did. Would I do it over again the same way? H... No!!! :chuckle

    My kids are all grown now and raising families of their own, their father 'flew the coup' shortly after I finished college and right before I even had a chance to sit for state boards...the coward , so I didn't have chance to breathe between college and finding a full time job to support myself and my three children. Eventually, I ended up signing myself in to a private treatment center that dealt with PTSS (depression long overdue, IMHO) in order to "find myself" again.

    My advice to you is: Stop the "kiddie car pool" and bounty of outside activities they are in, let them keep "1" activity a piece that they can really focus on and be happy doing, enlist them and hubby with the housechores or leave them be...dust isn't going anywhere, as a matter of fact, dust always promises to return, :chuckle, and tape record all your nursing lectures so you don't have to rush and write down everything. Listening to the lectures is far more important than spending all your time notetaking during the lecture (reason for the tape recorder so you can replay the lecture later at home). When you listen to the lecture, and study for your exams, listen to "apply" what you hear, and not just to "memorize" what you hear and read for the sake of test-taking. When you get to clinicals, try to recall the lecture material in ways of being able to "apply" what you learned in class to the clinical setting.

    What you "hear" must become what you "see" in the clinical setting in order for you to "absorb and apply" it without "losing what you learn". Exhale and breathe at a pace that says, "You are all right with the world, even if the world isn't all right with you! :kiss


    "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." -- Robert Brault
  6. by   Jenny P
    I agree with Renee in that at this point it is important for your kids to realise that you have a life too, and their various activities are taking you away from your studies. Limit all of their outside activities to 1 extra curricular ativity apiece until you are done with school. YOU DO COUNT in your household, and everyone should be responsible for household chores because you are not the maid or slave. Study with the kids at the dining room table so they understand how important this is to you and them. I remember the Aunt who raised me went back and got her Masters' degree when I was in grade school and we would all be around the dining table studying every Sunday night, making our own cold roast beef sandwiches left over from Sunday dinner. If the weather was nice, we'd sit on the front porch and watch the sun set.
    That was such a special time for each of us kids, and each of my siblings has mentioned that how nice it was to sit there and feel the calm settle over us with the sun going down. I never did that with my own kids as a routine because I was too busy running them around. They don't have those quiet calm memories, but they do remember that I'd drive them all over-- and I still haven't finished my education yet.