Ever play a musical instrument as a kid? Play one now? Let's share!

  1. When I was a kid, I played the piano a year, then switched to violin, then played that from fifth grade through the end of my eighth grade year of school. I wanted so bad to continue playing both instruments, but did not come from "$$$" , so I had to give them both up. This truly broke my heart. Now, the only musical instrument I have left that NO one can take away from me is my VOICE...and I intend to use it well as long as I have it....one way or another. :chuckle

    What musical instrument did you play, want to play but couldn't, and might still play today? Do you teach music lessons? Voice lessons? Why do you love music so much?

    If you've never played a musical instrument, but have always wanted to, then why don't you do it now? :kiss
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  3. by   delirium
    Haven't thought about this for awhile.
    When I was young I used to pound on my grandmother's piano. She thought I "had the gift" and left me her omnichord when she passed away from breast cancer a year or so later. I was about 6 when she died, I think.
    When I was in 4th grade I decided to take up the flute. I was quite good. I played all through high school, gradually progressing to the piccolo, the alto flute, then to the oboe and finally the french horn.
    Out of all the instruments I've played, I prefer the oboe although it is more difficult and sounds rather like a lonesome duck.
    I was (am) clearly musically talented instrumentally, but my singing voice is rather like alanis morrisette on large amounts of narcotics.
    I haven't played anything in a long time. Now and then I take out the flute and play a few bars for kicks, but I don't have any sheet music and the flute I have is in desperate need of tuning up (actually, its a horrible instrument and needs to be scrapped in favor of one of the nicer open-hole models).
    I dreamt once of playing in a professional orchestra. I probably could have done so. Why don't we follow our dreams more often?
  4. by   l.rae
    Hey Renee, you stirred up some memories for me....when l was in Jr Hi l just HAD to have a clarinet....l mean l had to! sooo my hard working parents bought me a used one, l went to lessons, l have a decent ear for music but no talent for taming those reed instruments....Sounded like a Moose in heat most of the time, let me mention l lived in a neighborhood where houses are close together too....It did not take long to figure out l hated the clarinet.....l mean l hated it!.....so at football games, down the fields l marched, just faking away....and that got old too.....Finally, one fateful day,someone stold my clarinet out of my locker...HONEST!.....so my parents turned it in to our insurance, got re -imbursed and WHALA!....the clarinet mysteriously re-appears in the school office!...my parents to this day do not fully believe l had NOTHING to do with this, but believe me...l would NEVER have turned it back in for fear they would make me play that thing again!!....Well, they turned the clarinet in to our insurance agent and explained...Thank GOD!....l wanted to play the piano....Mom and Dad said they could not afford.....baby brother majored in music in college...they bought a piano....too late for me....l am not living at home now....Baby Brother can make a trumpet talk...he owns a silver one....he is a CPA now....still plays in church.......go figure.....also, l am not much of a singer....but someday when Renee moves back to Ohio and buys a house in my neighborhood and we are neighbors ....maybe she will teach me how to carry a tune in a bucket....LOL............LR
  5. by   delirium
    Hey... l. rae, the clarinet is a soulful instrument. One of my sisters played it.
    Besides, Squidward on Spongebob is an adept clarinetist. (Is that a word?)
  6. by   semstr
    Since I come from one of those "music-families", i had to learn and play the violin at the young age of 6 years! at first I liked it a lot, but then my father and my grandfather (he had this absolute hearing, know that? he heared a song on the radio, wrote down the notes and played on the piano or violin or whatever) thought it necessary to help me study!!! That was it.....I hated every minute of it. at 12 I stopped definitely.
    I also had to learn trombone, cornet and euphonium, since we had a family brass orchestre. Grandpa was the director. Now this was nice, we had a lot of fun, but after the divorce of my parents and we moving along with my mother that was it.
    I also sang a lot, still do, but my voice is like Zara Leander, because of my smoking habits.
    Now I picked up the piano, because my daughter has lessons and all the right books for the beginners and this is really fun! Now I can play and sing at the same time!!

    Keep the music going, take care, Renee
  7. by   pkmom
    I played the cornet in Junior high. I quit because our new teacher was so bad and my mom said we sounded like the beginner band when we had been playing for 4 years (5th-8th grade)

    I took voice and piano lessons for years in college until I changed my major and schools to go into nursing. Now all I can play on the piano is twinkle twinkle little star! I'm trying to practice again, but my kid starts whining when I play! That should tell me something.
  8. by   TennRN
    9 years of piano lessons as a kid. I wanted to play like Liberace when I was little...I didn't quite achieve my goal. I still play occasionally.
  9. by   live4today
    Reflecting on what music means to our souls is so healing, isn't it?
    I miss my instruments. The violin I had was a loaner from the elementary schools I attended which was not an option once a student graduated eighth grade and entered high school. Since my brother and I both played an instrument in elementary school, and he was the only boy in the family, guess who got to purchase their instrument for high school, and guess who didn't?
    You guessed right! My brother got his trumpet, and I got...nilch! He played trumpet pretty good, but didn't get as serious about it as I would have playing violin.

    I enjoyed playing violin because it was an instrument I could carry around wherever I went, find a place of solitude, get comfortable, and play for myself...didn't really care if anyone else enjoyed listening or not. :chuckle

    I think every child should be given the opportunity to play musical instruments beginning at a very early age. Music is an excellent way of destressing after a really puky day.

    Today...I love to listen to instrumental music WITHOUT WORDS...Ahhhh...so soothing to listen to. I listen to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, many different jazz styles by different jazz artists; Vocal CD's by Charlotte Church. Anything musically soothing........I'm hooked! It's great to play this type of music when I read my books. I curl up on the sofa with a good book, wrap my very cozy Indian blanket around me, sometimes make myself some hot herb tea or hot chocolate, and enjoy the pleasure of the moment. Easier to do now that my children are adults. It required a lot more planning when they were small, but very doable.....and very necessary to keep my nerves calm all day. :chuckle

    How does music affect your life?
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  10. by   Lausana
    I started piano lessons in 3rd grade through 7th grade. Hated having to practice, but loved just playing for fun. I still love to play when I go to my parents or grandparents since I don't have a piano (hoping grandma leaves me hers when she passes, since I'm the only one who plays it) But I can only play hymns and lots of Christmas songs...oh and a few movie tunes but not very good. I wish I could play by ear, that would be fun!

    As for other instruments...NO, I did my duty & played my recorder in 4th grade & tried not to hurt any eardrums. :imbar
  11. by   Sleepyeyes
    I learned piano from my older sister and I had some music lessons. Then in school I did a few years on the violin.

    My hubby found me a nice little theatre organ at a thrift store, and it works pretty well; I play church hymns on it, my old favorites like "Mansion Over the Hilltop" and "When we all get to Heaven" and "His Eye is on the Sparrow."

    It's still very relaxing and DH (he really IS a dear!) says it sounds beautiful! :kiss
  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i come from a musically inclined family. i played the clarinet and the alto sax in school. i took piano lessons at an early age and took more lessons since being in school this time around.

    i love to sing and have been told often of the beautiful voice i have. i have been in local groups, song in the college choir i am attending for my rn, and started a group of my own. i sing solo and am an alto, and love to harmonize.

    muisc, especially playing the piano, relaxes me and this is how i give my testimony about the love of god through music. i have been choir director and pianist for church.

    realizing that all can not sing all songs, and that includes the best of them, i love a variety of music and sing down home gospel. i am not into comtemporary music but listen to it at times.
  13. by   CEN35
    trombone 12 years?

    string bass 1 year

    electric bass 1 year

    a little (non music reading) clarinet, flute, sax, drums etc.

    played in orchestra, symphony, marching band, jazz band, and of course your non organized street/bar band. took music theory 1 & 2, music appreciation and a few others..........still can't stand rap or opera though..........

  14. by   WashYaHands
    I took piano lessons when I was 10. I'm now 39 and my mom just sold my antique upright piano that I used to practice on.

    I come from a musical family, so I've encouraged music with my kids. My 15 year old has played the violin for 6 years, and participates in choir. She will be performing (voice) at Carnegie Hall in NY next year (an awesome opportunity for her-proud mom look). My 12 year old has played the viola for 2 years. I adore seeing them and hearing them perform.