Ever have one of THOSE days? (Rant!)

  1. I woke up this morning to my soaking wet dog (freshly bathed by my Dtr.) come running into my room, and jumping up and peeing on my bed comforter! Dtr. had forgotten to let Dog out both before and after the bath; dog HATES grooming-- she had a bad experience when we 1st got her 10 yrs ago and she gets crazy every time since then.

    Checked to see if I can get to Chat here; still can't.

    Took dtr. back to college 110 miles away but we got a late start (her fault; we had to stop and pick up some stuff here in the Cities for her boss and dtr. waited til the last minute). Of course, the place we had to pick stuff up at doesn't take checks, so my $50.00 cash went towards that ("I'll pay you back when we get there, Mom"-- we forgot!).

    The drive to school was uneventful except we were late getting there and she was late for work. Dropped her off and I had to haul her stuff back to her room; 4 trips up to 4th floor in the dorm; stinky garbage bag in the elevator riding up and down; only parking space was nearly a block away.

    On the drive back home, I was sooo tired I could hardly stay awake. Stopped 3 times in 80 miles for coffee, soda, chips, gas, whatever, in order to stay awake. On the 3rd stop, I locked myself out of the car! Thank goodness for auto club membership; I only had to wait 30 minutes for them to come and unlock the car! I guess it was happening so often that the police now charge $75.00 to help motorists with this problem in that town; that's more than my auto club membership for the year!

    So I finally get home 4 hrs late; my son is here and says I STILL can't get on Chat; he's panicked that I wasn't home and has called the Dtr., DH (who was at a meeting) and DH's Aunts and got them all worried about me! I have to call and reassure everyone I'm okay. Leaving my house, my son broke his zipper on his pants (he'd popped the button earlier and didn't sew it back on right away) and takes MY sweatpants so he can get home!

    Now I just opened my mail and got a letter TODAY from my car insurance company DATED October 7th!!! saying the insurance was due October 22nd-- so I'm wasn't insured today! Thank goodness I stopped before I fell asleep at the wheel! I called the insurance company and said I'd pay by credit card right now; but their credit card payment thingy is not working and I need to call them again in the morning so it will be okay.

    It hasn't been a really bad day; just a WEIRD one! I think I should go back to bed; but I really don't want to start this one over again.
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  3. by   kristi915
    Go back to bed!!! I have had one of those days, but I am just too tired to share...............
  4. by   l.rae
    Jenny, tomorrow's another day!...hope it's better....l am going to try to get into chat , maybe l will see you there.........LR
  5. by   Jenny P
    Kristi, I love your new atavar. Your picture with (I'm guessing) your boyfriend is VERY nice!

    And thanks for giving me permission for going to bed! I shall do so as soon as DH is sound asleep and his spastic legs settle down (the M.S. makes his legs spastic in spite of the meds he takes to prevent it)!
  6. by   aus nurse
    Ooh Jenny,

    What a horrible no good day...but glad you managed to get home in one piece.
    I emailed caj about 7 hours ago hun...so hopefully he can do his thing and get you back into chat pronto
  7. by   Jenny P
    Thanks, Aus! :kiss
  8. by   Jenny P
    Just tried going to Chat from here; now I have a new message:


    Hey, something is happening! Not much; but it is a new message! :chuckle :roll
  9. by   aus nurse
    chuckle :chuckle :chuckle

    A change is as good as a holiday Jen

    Now, my email to caj came back undeliverable too...so it is not you but him obviously. I am talking to mack at this minute...another cajnet admin....and letting him know your probs. Currently, he is scratching his head and I am playing him thinking music
    I have told him to let caj know coz it ain't fair he gets us nurses addicted and then pts us into withdrawla lol

    P.S. ats says hi and that she misses you:kiss
  10. by   Jenny P
    Aus, Thanks for your help thus far! Addiction to a chat board is very painful when you are forced to go through withdrawal!

    I'm glad Mack is scratching his head so far! I hope that helps his thinking skills!

    Tell ATS to PM me; I need her number! Some sushi might help me get through this mess!
  11. by   aus nurse
    PM'd ya Jen
  12. by   Jenny P
    Thank you!
  13. by   BadBird

    I think you need a good long sleep and a margarita or two when you wake up. I hope to be able to chat with all of you soon.
    Take care.