Ever been to Calgary AB?

  1. My buddy Cameron and I are taking a road trip to Calgary next month. His BF lives there, so I will be on my own a lot (Which I kinda like). I'll be in town for a week and am wondering if anybody has suggestions for things to see and stuff to do. We are planning on doing a day trip to Banff, which I'm excited about (shopping!! LUSH cosmetics!). I also will be doing the compulsary trip to IKEA I'm not into skiing (due to othopedic surgery requiring mishap of 1989).

    Who has suggestions?
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  3. by   researchrabbit
    If you are going to Banff, you MUST go to Lake Louise (take some hiking shoes). It is the single most gorgeous place I have EVER been to. It is breathtaking. And I do not get particularly excited about scenery.

    I had cousins who lived in Calgary in the mid-70s and visited a couple of times then; can't really remember anything special we did, but the people there are lovely and charming; the city is beautiful.
  4. by   RNonsense
    I was born in Calgary ( yeeeeehawwwww ) Heritage Park is good to do, can spend a whole day there. Also, I agree with the above...GOTTA see Lake Louise. Shopping is good 'cause there is no PST...have fun. I am jealous...I have to wait til July...
  5. by   hapeewendy
    ohmygod I love alberta!
    lake louise, banff , all of it
    havent been since I was a kiddo though
    have fun girl!!!
    lake louise is simply breathtakingly beautiful...
    Canada is an awesome country with tons of beautiful places to visit , oh and we have toronto and montreal too

  6. by   NancyRN
    Bernard Callebaut Chocolate. Banff Springs Hotel. Both are unforgettable!!
  7. by   RNIAM
    Heritage park or the Zoo is great.
  8. by   Jay-Jay
    Roger's chocolate, made in Victoria! Nothing like it!

    The Devonian gardens are really nice, and Banff is one of my most favorite spots on this earth. Watch out for the elk, though. They think they own the town, and can be quite aggressive in mating season.

    I've actually seen tourists go up and pat them. I mean, we're talking this animal that's more than 5' tall at the shoulder, weighs over 1,000 lbs, and has a REALLY mean looking rack of antlers!! Are you CRAZY?? NOOO thank you!
  9. by   Paprikat
    I also went to Drumheller, a weird place...you almost "decend" in to it. Lotsa cool dinosaur bones......
    Banff, definately.....
  10. by   adrienurse
    I was last in the area when I was (I think) 13 years old. I did go to Lake Louise and it was Wow. I don't know if seeing it in the winter would be as good. Don't get to go canoeing or see that beautiful turquoise water.

    Bernard Callebaut Chocolate. OMG! Salavating just thinking about it. Only had it once but SOO good. Our attending physician bought us a chocolate yule log. Ummmmmmm

    I'm a little wary about the drive there in the middle of winter through Saskatchewan. Imagine getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.