European support

  1. Last night I just returned home (one of the lucky ones to get a plane) from a trip to London and Paris and I can say that the support from England and France is sincere.

    In our London hotel, all of the hotel charges for phone calls were waived and they promised that we would all have a hotel room to stay in for those who became stranded.

    In Paris they also made sure we could stay in our rooms and set up a hospitality suite with telephones, beverages and televisions for the Americans.

    Moments of silence were honored and the Brittish played the U.S. national anthem at their changing of the guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

    The support and sympathy from our European allies was palpable and a great sign that they are with us. I was never so scared about being out of the country. My prayers are with all those who have lost loved ones and all of the brave rescuers and nurses and doctors who have responded to this terrible attack.
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  3. by   essarge

    Welcome home!!! There has been a great outpouring of support and sympathy throughout the world and has made a unity that will last forever.

    I'm glad you made it home safely.
  4. by   ACNORN
    Thanks Essarge,

    I am so glad to be home. I got tears in my eyes when we landed in Detroit. Everyone on the plane cheered and clapped.