Espresso/Cappucino help??

  1. I'm trying to get a little culture here..can you guys help me out??

    Seriously, I'm addicted to cappuccino, so hubby went and bought me an expresso/cappuccino maker. Welllllllll, it doesn't sound to dang easy to make cappuccino. I like the french vanilla and cinnamon mocha (mixed together). How on earth do I end up with these flavors just from coffee grounds and milk?? I know, I don't. Heck, all I've been doing is running in the local Crown station and placing my cup under the little spout and pressing a button. This homemaid thing sounds difficult.

    Any pro's here???
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  3. by   nrselisa
    HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hubby & I had the same question!!! We just gave up & keep the machine sitting on the counter! We think it makes the kitchen look cool! Besides, we always get a large cappucino, we would have to run that thing atleast 4 times to equal the amount we are used to. Sorry that I can't help much.

  4. by   nightingale
    I think there wre some ideas on the thread for FAvorite ways to enjoy coffee under Off Topics:

  5. by   nurs4kids
    That's EXACTLY what I'm wondering...
    before I completely take it out of the box...
    right now, i only have the directions half open..

    should i return it and keep paying my $1.18/day for the Crown Cappuccino? lol
  6. by   nrselisa
    LOL! We still buy ours at WaWa! The directions that came with ours said that it takes a lot of practice to make a good cup. We tried & tried & gave up. What we were making was just plain NASTY! If I were, I would give it a try. Yours may taste good & if it doesn't then you can set it out to impress your neighbors. I think they do make flavors that you can add to it, but you may have to go to a specialty stop to find it.

  7. by   prmenrs
    Take it back, those things are expensive and I don't think it would be free to "practice" for a while before you got something potable. LOL.

    I just got a little thing that makes ONE 16oz cup, and puts it right in the insulated cup. AND it has a "permanent filter".

    You could always get the "French Roast" or "expresso ground" coffee, put that in your regular machine, heat some milk to go in it. I guess you'll have to pretend about the froth part, or whisk that milk up.

    While you're hanging around the specialty coffee shop, look for the syrups you can put in for the flavors you want.
  8. by   Stargazer
    Oh, now, c'mon, guys--it's not that hard to make a cup of cappucino! And the luxury of doing it in your PJs makes it all worth it!

    My brother and sis-in-law gave me a small espresso maker for Christmas many years ago. It came with an instructional video and I tried 2 or 3 times to foam the milk and couldn't do it, so I gave up and went back to my automatic drip. About a year later, my regular coffeemaker went t*ts up on a Sat. morning and I was desperate, so I popped that video in again, determined to give the cappucino maker one more try. This time, I noticed that the troubleshooting section said that if you couldn't get the steam attachment to work, you were probably not using a fine enough grind of coffee. So I ground my French roast a little finer and tried again. After a little practice in how to position the end of the steam attachment in the little pitcher of milk, I was foamin' like an expert barrista. Voila--the perfect latte!

    That was about 5 years ago and I use that thing constantly. Tracy, as far as the flavors go, you have to buy the flavored syrups like they have at the espresso stand. I dunno about other parts of the country, but here in Seattle they sell them in most grocery stores. I vote you give your new machine a try!
  9. by   kids
    I had an expresso machine and tried for months to make a drinkable cup before I gave up.

    In my book nothing quite compares to Starbucks.
    6 shot skinny mocha with whipped cream.

    (I don't do the skinny thing to save calories...I do it because I like the texture better)
  10. by   Stargazer
    kids-r-fun, six shots? SIX???

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a hardcore caffeine addict from way back--but 6 shots? Dayum. I would never sleep again.
  11. by   kids
    Its conditioning...well and a little ADHD...right this very second husband & I are drinking pot # 10 since getting up at 9am......Folgers Breakfast blend (6 scoops in a 12 cup pot)...a splash of hazelnut and some 2%.
  12. by   Jenny P
    Originally posted by kids-r-fun
    Its conditioning...well and a little ADHD...right this very second husband & I are drinking pot # 10 since getting up at 9am......Folgers Breakfast blend (6 scoops in a 12 cup pot)...a splash of hazelnut and some 2%.

    LOL! If you are ADHD like my kids, caffiene slows both of them down! You know that you can just add cinnoman to the coffee grounds to get that flavor, then add the french vanilla syrup to the pot. We used to drink lots of coffee at our house and used our cappuccino/expresso maker at least twice a day. However, we fell out of the habit of drinking coffee that much and are now on a tea kick, especially Chai tea (DH makes his own). It does take practice at first to make a decent cup; I don't know how you can make it taste awful unless you aren't using the right coffee and grind.
  13. by   nurs4kids
    Thanks guys!!

    Well, so I won't hurt hubby's feelings AND since some of you suggested...I'm going to give it a try. I can't wait to get off work this pm so I can go buy what I need to make it. And hey, if it doesn't work..i'll just have another cool dust collector on the counter!
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Get some GOOOD syrups from Seattle's Best or Starbucks. Starbucks' mocha powder ROCKS, I tell ya. Anyhow... It takes some experimentation but now we make a VERY good capuccino with a KILLER froth. It rivals anything we get from Starbucks, I swear. But yes, we went thru a few BAD cups to get there. (OK A LOT). We use the Starbucks Athena espresso machine for ours. LOTS OF $$$ but worth it! Good luck!