ER - What happened?

  1. Alright, so I left the house at 8:30 to deliver a cake. Thought I'd be in & out - no big deal.


    I got home at 10:45, and have no idea what happened on ER tonight. Anyone care to give me a run down?


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  3. by   Youda
    Well . . .
    you need to get a VCR and record this stuff, Heather!

    There was a few teaser scenes that Corday and Romano might be heading to an affair.

    They introduced a new medical student, (can't remember the actor's name), with parkinson's disease, but better than all the other students.

    The ER got slammed with a fire at a Halloween party.

    And, Luka and a few of the nurses started to tangle. Nice scenes about how nurses are treated by some of the docs. More about Luka sleeping with just about everyone now.

    UUuuuh. I think that's all.
  4. by   kaycee
    Originally posted by Youda

    They introduced a new medical student, (can't remember the actor's name), with parkinson's disease, but better than all the other students.

    The actors name is Don Cheadle
  5. by   CountrifiedRN
    I'll try, but I missed a few parts due to my two feuding teens. Maybe someone can fill in the gaps.

    Corday is orienting three new med students, two young and not too bright. One who is older and very smart, but has Parkinsons disease. The older med student came late, after the others had left, and right in the middle of the ER getting slammed with burn victims from an apartment fire, so even though Corday wasn't going to listen to his excuse for being late, he was sucked into all the chaos by the docs telling him to help with procedures. He was having symptoms of the Parkinsons, and Luca asked him to leave a pts room when he was discussing her babys fatal diagnosis, and he accidentally popped a liter bag of IVF during an emergency. Corday tried to tell him she would give him a break and to take a day off after she found out about his illness, but he said he did not want special treatment and returned the next day, which was at the end of the show, and was able to show up the two younger med students by answering Cordays questions.

    Robert was having issues with not being able to use his arm, and started to open up to Corday when they were alone. She tried to comfort him and he reached out and caressed her face. She got upset and left the room in a hurry saying she was being paged. Later, he apologized, said he had a weak moment, and that it wouldn't happen again.

    Luca was acting like an azz, arguing with one of the nurses (who he had slept with), and (I think) some other nurses complained about him too. Abby, acting as nurse manager, tried to counsel him, and he didn't take it seriously, and made a lewd comment to her. Then Luca and Weaver had a disagreement on how to care for the sick baby.

    Abby was wearing a 'naughty nurse' outfit for halloween, which she claimed was supposed to be retro. A couple pts hit on her, and some of the other staff made comments about it. (I was waiting to hear the reaction on this from the allnurses ER fans)

    Hope this helps......Can anyone else fill in?
  6. by   shannonRN
    didn't want to read this until i was able to watch my tape...RN2bNC i think you provided a wonderful summary! where were you when i missed the season premiere?

    don cheadle was awesome! his guest appearance might be up there with sally field's. (did she win an emmy for that?) sorry you missed it heather <i'm sure the cake was beautiful> but like i said....RN2bNC did an awesome job filling you in!
    Thanks guys!

    I would have taped it had I thought I wouldn't be back in time. But I left at 8:30 and fully expected to be back (but my mouth got to moving at my friends house )

    Great summaries! If y'all ever get sick of nursing, you could write for TV Guide!

    I did catch the very end and saw that nurse/whore dress Abby was wearing


  8. by   Robin61970
    One thing I thought was important to mention....Elizabeth lost her wedding ring down a sink right before an operation(fill in the name of what the guy had please can't remember) it was where the necrotic flesh was spreading very fast.....and Romano was trying to keep Elizabeth and the team from amputating his leg, but they felt this was the only was to save his was after this that Romano had his weak moment, but an important thing is he told her....I am a great surgeon and I save peoples lives everyday, If I can't do that anymore(long pause while he looked to have tears in his eyes) and this is where she got down in front of him to tell him he would be fine and he caressed her cheek...she said oh....I'm being paged and jumped up and ran she was leaving the hospital that he stopped her.....he had gotten her wedding ring out of the sink for her using some tools normally reserved for surgery(small camera and a grasper of a sort) and brought it to her.....This I thought was a very important line because I believe she said....."you'll get through this Robert" and he said "I know I will"..........

    They are making him real....I hate it,lol!
    Originally posted by Robin61970
    They are making him real....I hate it,lol!
    I KNOW! He is the guy you love to hate! I don't know what I'll do if they make him likable!

    Thanks for explaining the ring thing. I saw at the very end where he gave it back to her and was wondering about it!

  10. by   Stargazer
    Actor Paul McCrane (Romano) made it clear in a recent TV Guide interview that he and the producers have an ironclad pact not to make Romano too likeable, because people love him as a sarcastic bastard (and he is far and away the most interesting character on the show, IMHO).

    Don Cheadle was great! I was worried they were ramping Corday up to be the annoying shrieking harridan she was all last season, but then she calmed down.

    Luka is turning into a man-****. What's up with that? Someone on one of my other boards said it was like "Doug Ross, sex addict--Part II."
  11. by   prmenrs
    with Carrie? She's being very sick/wierd lately. I think they're prepping her for, NOT menopause!!
  12. by   Stargazer
    I think they may be setting up Carrie for artificial insemination/pregnancy, what with the injecting hormones in secret and all. Just a guess.

    While we're taking about ER, is anyone as icked out as I am by Chen and Pratt getting together? (promos made it look like it'd be next week.) Nothing against actor Mikhi Pfeifer, but Pratt is such a stupid, cocky, sexist, annoying..well, prat, that I can't honestly imagine Chen or anyone else not being completely repulsed by him. Are we supposed to find him charming or something? :stone
  13. by   Robin61970
    I'm icked out about that one as well......I didn't like him and still am not that fond of him. Luka(Luca?) is turning into a man whore like ol dougie boy was, but will never fill those shoes! Carrie is definitely being hooked up for something and the way she reacted to that baby and all does make you wonder........I am wondering if perhaps there may be a rebound Lizzy/ Romano thing...maybe end of season....
    Hey anyone else wonder why Hele(sp?) has been so off camera lately? She used to be a major nurse see her every now and then.......and boy has she lost weight, but she isn't on that often anymore......just wondered if anyone else thought about it......
  14. by   NurseGirlKaren
    the guy had necrotizing fasciitis in his leg (hope I spelled that right)! There was an article in people magazine about Helea (I think that's how they spell her name) and her weight loss (I haven't read it yet).