ER season premiere

  1. Yeah, I know.....a lot of you guys hate "ER", but I have a question! Did anybody watch the first show of the season and if so, what happened? I missed it!

    I'm mostly interested in the thing in the elevator with Mark. Since I didn't see it mentioned on this weeks show I was wondering if it was a dream?


    P.S. Yes, I know.......I have to get a life!!
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  3. by   canoehead
    It wasn't a dream and he got reviewed in the auditorium, but no one but Elizabeth suspected, and they didn't talk about it. I say good for him, but also know that I would have gotten caught (not that I would ever do such a thing)
  4. by   ComicRN
    Thank you Canoehead!!
  5. by   pixxel
    I have to admit that all I was waiting for all summer long was to find out what happened to Mark Greene - but believe me, you didn't miss a darn thing. It was a dissapointing show, really...