ER patients.........Lame awards

  1. i decided that since we get some really lame er patients.....i would post the worst of the night, for each night.

    tonights winner is: the woman who came to the er, because she was in so much pain from a 3 week old ankle injury. she was in so much pain, she could not answer any questions.

    of course the second runner up for the night, was a 30's male. he came in as an emergency that needed stitches 8 days ago. tonight he returns to have them taken out. he did not have time to follow up with his doctor or refferal. he asked us to chart enough to show, it was an emergency to have them taken out!

    more to come tomorrow! lmao
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  3. by   Nursz-R-Awsm
    ...and I wonder why I never chose ER! LOL

    This will be a very entertaining thread, keep it up Rick!
  4. by   cmggriff
    I think I can top yours Rick. Pt in tonight 9th time this month alone. C/o abdominal pain and nausea, again. Pt is 8 weeks pregnant, G/1 P/0. Accompanied by her boyfriend. Followed by Sheriff's Deputy. Boyfriend reported by pt's mother for hitting pt.
    Boy friend suddenly develops abdominal pain and had to be registered. Girlfriend denies alleged assault. Deputies leave. Boyfriend recovers. Healing the sick and raising the dead in the ER. I love this job. Gary
  5. by   Zee_RN
    Don't work ER; don't wanna. Had to take my father-in-law in the other day, though, and just watching what came through the door was enough to reinforce my aversion. Yeesh! What you guys have to deal with!!!

    This woman came rushing in with what appeared to be about a five year old girl. The little girl had a towel pressed up against her nose. There were two quarter size drops of blood on the towel and the little girl kept dropping the towel away from her face. The mother kept shoving it back. There was no more bleeding. The little girl just wanted to play with the drunk man's children who were running rampant around the waiting room (one of which had to deprived of a knife he had retrieved from his father's car). I would lose it!!! They'd be firing me for sure as I yelled "GET THE HELL OUTTA THIS E.R.!!!!" Bless you ER folks.
  6. by   RNforLongTime
    Hey Rick---where is Tuesday nights winner? I'm waiting!
  7. by   cmggriff
    My candidate for tonight's award is the young fellow brought in by police for suicidal attempt. It seems he is depressed and tried to hold his breath until he died. Gary
  8. by   CEN35
    well.....d/t a lack of idiocy (amazing isn't it?) for an entire shift, i decided to replace todays with another day from the past.
    an 18 yo female called 911, to take her to the er.
    she apparently had a calf cramp, and afterwards it continued to be sore and hurt.
    totally amazing isn't it? lol!
  9. by   canoehead
    I nominate a woman who lives across the street from the hospital. She was 36 weeks pregnant and had been to us 6 times in 4 days for question of ruptured membranes. She reports a gush of fluid, and abd pain, comes in hysterical with 6 concerned family members, friends, and other assorted bystanders. Each time she tests negative and is sent home, with thousands of dollars of tests so far to rule out ROM beyond the shadow of a doubt. Well she is getting disgusted with our lack of concern- she is sure she is about to deliver any minute. So after the last visit, and being sent home under protest she called 911, got the ambulance to come across the street to pick her up, and was admitted (finally).

    And oh yes, she was induced a few weeks later.
  10. by   Janet Barclay
    Hi Guys,
    Don't work emerg, but a friend of mine told me this one the other night.
    Third party calls EMS re: possible suicide attempt. They arrive, the young male escort won't let them in. Police arrive and gain entry.
    Young man runs to the bathroom where he fills the bathtub and attempts to drown himself (really).
    The paramedic at the desk gives report to the recieving nurse and says (with a straight face): "whereby I removed the plug, thereby disarming him"!!!
  11. by   kaycee
    Winner from last week. 35yo female has pain in her right thumb. She is a pain clinic pt and takes narcotics chronically for a variety of aches. Her father brought her in. She is wailing in a wheelchair while being registered. Her father announces he is an attorney and that she is in too much pain to walk or talk or sign any papers. She whines that her father always signs everything and must be at her side at all times because she is in too much pain to understand what anybody is saying. Despite this heavy drama she is triaged and placed in a room to wait as with any nonurgent pt. while we take care of the real sick people. Meanwhile the father comes out of the room demanding a Demerol drip for his daughter. Oh to not have a gun when you need one. To make a long story short. We call the pain clinic MD and after much to do he admits her and puts her on a morphine drip. He said to our Doc he's doing this to get her out of his hair.(it was a Fri nite)
    How outrageous is this. Not only is the father feeding this habit but so is the MD. The most frustrating thing to me in the ER is to see demanding rude people who like to threaten you with suing get what they want. Some Docs have no balls. Remember this pt came in with pain in her thumb. We can only hope she will never reproduce.
  12. by   nbicurn
    I don't know if qualifies as one of the "lame" pts, but here goes. Over the weekend we in our NBICU were warned of a pt that was being brought in by ambulance. She was 28 weeks and pushing. After hearing nothing for over an hour, the chg nurse called L&D and found out . . . . . the pt wasn't even pregnant!! (the ER said they know her and she has "issues").
  13. by   Stargazer
    Originally posted by cmggriff
    My candidate for tonight's award is the young fellow brought in by police for suicidal attempt. It seems he is depressed and tried to hold his breath until he died. Gary

    Wiping the vanilla latte' off my monitor and keyboard now...
  14. by   debbyed
    Couple nights ago a woman stubbed her little toe at work. Her job sent her by cab to the nearest hospital to them. Apparently she was told it would be a 6 hour wait so she called a cab and had them bring her to our ER at which time she demanded we pay the cab fare >$30. Even with all the ruckus about customer service we refused. She had the cab driver take her home to get money to pay him and to bring her back. This took about 1 1/2 hours. The fare was over $50. She ended up waiting an additional 4 hours (it was the night from hell) and when she was seen there was no redness, no swelling, no injury. Then she said that her CAR was at home because she took the cab back to us and she spent all her money on the last fare so she had no money and we needed to give her a cab voucher. By this time Day-light was in, so we turned her over to the Patient Rep. who I am sure gave her a cab voucher. ?Wonder if it was the same cabbie?