ER Lame awards.........since I can't reply to my own post... :(

  1. here is an excellent one!!!!!!

    in room 2 we have a trauma......a 29 yo man, who drove his bicycle into the side of a pick up truck. of course........non-intionally. as the pick up truck pulled out in front of him. this man clearly is in a ton of pain, with a deformed shoulder and upper arm.
    room 3 our second trauma room, which is seperates 2 and 3 by only a curtain. we have a 41 yo female allegedly having seizures. this patient has a history of drug abuse, and need for detox also (jfr)

    as we progress in room 2 to try and reduce a dislocated shoulder (that amazingly enough, has no fractures) this is the scenario.

    physician - let's give him 2mgs of versed now.
    from through the curtain (from a lady allegedly seizing). holy crap! he's getting versed!!!!
    physician - ok let's go with 4mgs of morphine iv now.
    again from behind the curtain......and from a person that is supposed to be sezing on and off and post ictal - omg! now he is getting morphine too!!!!!!
    physician - this shouder just is not going back in place, he is to tight. give him 6mgs of morphine iv this time!!
    from behind the curtain again - 6 more fu#$^&g milligrams of morphine!!! what the f#$k!!! it's just a should for pete's sake!!! i'm in f@#$%&g pain, you want to see pain!!! my fu@#$^g back is killing me!!! how about some versed and morphine over here already!!!!
    physician - i think we have almost got it back pop!!! in!!!!! there we are ya feeling sir?
    once again from behind the curtain - jesus........i'm in pain!! where are my drugs???? i've been seizing over here for 30 minutes what have i gotten!!!!!! i have had it with this place.........i am really sick.....that's just a shoulder i am out of here!!!!!!

    ***note: patient then signed out ama without seizure treatment.....lmao!

    that clearly gets 1st runner up for lame award of the year!!!!!!!!!!:d
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  3. by   prmenrs
    Oh, Rick, ROFLMAOPIMP!!!.

    Did the guy w/the shoulder hear all this? What'd he say??

    How do you even keep a straight face??
  4. by   CEN35
    no straight faces here...............we were rolling..............and the patient......he was so whcaked on mso4 and versed....he was clueless....lmao!! :d
  5. by   RNforLongTime
    OMG Rick that is toooo funny--just wanted drugs obviously
  6. by   kaycee
    People who fake seizures are too funny. If you talk about doing an invasive procedure at their bedside they always come out of it immediately and say, you aint gonna do that too me. Mentioning foleys to guys faking seizures is a sure fire cure all!! Great story Rick!!
  7. by   CEN35
    I had a patient that tried to fake seizures all the way through a Foley insertion once........and did it! LMAO@him!