ER and your underwear

  1. Do ER nurses really check your underwear??

    The first time I watched TV shows about hospitals I half expected the ER staff to start checking underwear.

    As a young child my mother always told me to wear clean underwear "in case you are in an accident."

    Anyone else get this crazy advice?

    What other silly nuggets of wisdom did your parents share with you...or nonsensical advice do you give to your children?
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  3. by   nilepoc
    Ok, here is the story from one of my friends who had a bicycle accident involving a runaway rotty. Anyway to make a long story short, she ended up in the Trauma room at my hospital.

    Her only memory of the experience is that she appoligized to the doctors and nurses, because she had on two day old socks.

    The doctor responded by asking if she had recently urinated in them?

    When she said no, the docotor told her she was ok in his book and that she didn't have to worry about the dirty socks.

    I thought it was funny, and it is vaguely related to this question.
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  4. by   puzzler
    My mother always told me the same thing (LOL)

    My story--Got hurt with one of the horses. I was between the 1200 pound horse and the door. Something spooked her and she charged for the door. Only problem was that there was a tailboard across the doorway (a 2 x 12 board). Get the picture? When she hit me chest to chest she bent me back across the tailboard. Thought she broke my back. Family called the ambulance which took me to (of course) the hospital that I work in.

    So here I was, it was winter, in my sons hand-me-down army long underwear (olive drab), sweat suit, barn boots (nasty), and insulated cover-alls. Having been working in the stable all morning I was totally filthy head to toe. I had fallen to the ground which left me with dirt and wood chips in my hair and all over my clothing.

    But I must say-- I did have on clean underwear (LOL) Mother would have been proud!
  5. by   kids
    My Mom, a Nurse alway insisted clean underwear didn't matter, if you were in an accident they wouldn't stay clean.

    A couple of years ago my now 17 year old was in an accident as it happened 1 block down our street I was the first responder. He did the fully acute TBI routine: LOC, grand mal, respiratory arrest. Somewhere in the midst of it all he was incontinent of bladder.

    To shorten the story...

    When it was all said and done, my daughter said..."gee you were right Mom, it really doesn't matter if you underwear was clean".
  6. by   nur20
    Always carry change for a telephone call.....
  7. by   Jenny P
    These were what I was told growing up:
    1. Always wear clean underwear.
    2. Always carry change for a phone call.
    3. Never wear socks (or underwear) with holes in them.
    4. Remember, you are a LADY and you must act like one at all times.
    5. Never wipe your nose on your sleeve, use a hanky.
    6. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

    What I tell my kids:
    1. Always wear clean underwear.
    2. Always carry change for a phone call.
    3. Remember, just because "everyone else" is having sex, doesn't mean you have to.
    4. Carry the cell phone or be home by midnight. (As if!..)
    5. Remember, transplants are seasonal due to college students taking too many risks.
    (I asked my daughter, and these rolled right off her tongue!)
  8. by   hoolahan
    TRUST ME, wear the clean underwear!!

    Yesterday, I went to my son's hockey game, was approaching the turn off to the rink, when I saw a woman, standing outside on the corner, taking off her clothes, wearing, very nice, nude-colored undies. I'm thinking, what the hel... is this woman some kind of NUT or what??!! She was prancing around and I said to myself, that looks like Cindy, one of the moms whose son went to preschool and all thru school with my son. The cars are blocking the roadway now, and I figure something is very wrong here, I KNOW Cindy would rather be caught dead than seen in public in her undies, in a pile of leaves no less. I figured she had a bee sting or spidder in her clothing or something.

    I pull my station wagon over, shove the dog in, and shut the door, I run over to her, and I am taking off my long denim jacket to cover her with and she keeps pushing it off, I'm saying Cindy, honey what is wrong?? She is screaming and shrieking, finally manages to get out, she was scalded by boiling water., she turns around, and all down her side was what looked like first degree at that moment, knew it would develop into second, just hadn't even had time to blister yet. She didn't want to go to the hospital. Finally I convinced her to get the Hell off the road, in her undies, and into my car. Put her in the backseat, the damn dog jumped on her,she screams, I yank the dog out, and handed her to another woman I know and said find my husband, give him the dog. And I high-tail it to the ER about 10 min away. There is no electricity at the rink yet, that is why Cindy, who runs the concession stand, had this humongous urn of boiling water in her car, took the corner, and it fell over onto her (somehow from the backseat of her SUV). No running water there either, otherwise I would have run her right up to a hose. I figure fastest thing to do is get her right to the ER.

    So, here we are, Cindy in the back, her leg up and on top of the passengers seat, in her underwear, and all I can think is if someone looks into my car from an SUV point of view, this will look mighty strange!!

    I pull right up to the ER bay, and they came out and helped Cindy in, and then told me I had to move my car, so I went to park it, she was in good hands. Came back and her best buddy Carmen and boyfriend met me in the ER, I gave them all of Cin's things, and then I left, since they wouldn't let any of us in at that point.

    Today, I get to the game, they give me a free hot dog, soda, twizzlers, and I say I didn't do anything! I just drove her to the ER. They said, Cindy is so hyper, and claustrophobic, she never would have been OK in an ambulance, they were so glad I "knew just what to do."

    I asked Carmen how she was, she was transferred to a burn unit 3rd degree 18%. Carmen lifts up her shirt and says look, new bra, lowers her pants, matching new undies. I will NEVER leave the house w/o clean underwear again, she says. Then we laughed hystericaly since all Cindy's nurses were male. She was cracking jokes, why do I get all the male nurses when my a$$ is burned??!! I am so glad she will be OK, maybe I'll be her visting nurse when she gets home!!

    Of course I missed my son's first goal! Go figure!
  9. by   Jenny P
    Wow, Hoolahan! What a story! I just read your post to my husband and said I need new underwear, and he agreed!
  10. by   nurs4kids
    LOL..I KNEW this post had to be about a mother's advice..

    Okay, I must confess. I, too, was threatened about clean underwear all my life. I am also guilty of determining the cleanliness of a family by the child's underwear. I am sickened when I have a child with dingy yellow underwear. As for holes in the socks..hell, most of our kids come to the floor w/o socks. First question from parent, "do ya'll have some footies???" (goes back to the leech
  11. by   debbyed
    You know what people find worse that dirty underware when arriving unexpectedly at the ER????

    Having no underware! Especially when they have to put on those lovely open in the back ER gowns.

    We usually take pitty and give them a second gown to put on backwards.
  12. by   hoolahan
    LMAO! Deb, I have to share that with Cindy when I speak with her. Thank God she HAD on underwear and not only that, they were nice. Good thing Cindy always listened to her mother!!
  13. by   Zee_RN
    Ok, gotta tell the underwear story....

    When I was pregnant, I was hospitalized at 24 weeks and remained there until my triplet girls were born at 33 weeks. I was in and out of the labor suite with episodes of relentless contractions but no dilation (thank goodness).

    One evening, laying in my hospital bed watching television, my husband spooned up against me, I felt a gush of fluid between my legs. GET OFF THE BED!! I yelled, GET OFF THE BED!! He jumped up like a shot and we called the nurses and they came a'running and checked the fluid and oh, yeah, it was amniotic. I was 33 weeks gestation. THIS IS IT, they said, and hustled me off to the labor suite in no time flat.

    The L&D nurses came in to get us ready for the C-section and handed my husband a set of PAPER scrubs and instructed him to take off his street clothes and put on the paper scrubs to wear into the O.R. "Ummmm," my husband says, "I'm not wearing any that gonna be a problem?" The nurses howled!! They said, "NOW we know why she's having triplets!!!!" Fortunately, he had an extra set of clothing in my room and was able to maintain his decency (and dignity) in the O.R.!

    So that's my underwear story .
  14. by   pkmom
    Who are all these people running around in dirty underwear or no underwear? I sure hope they haven't been trying on the clothes that I have been buying. Yuck! Now I understand why my mom taught me to wash everything first!