End of the income tax?

  1. No one knows to support this because you won't find it on your 5:00 news.

    Just a couple months ago, a gentleman who ran a national business was convicted of violating a tax law that, as it turns out, does not even exist. On two separate occasions, the jury sent a note to the judge asking to see the actual law he allegedly violated. Both times the judge sent back a note that said "trust me". The entire argument of the defense was that there was not even a law - that the IRS and federal prosecutor were making it up. It seems that while the jury had the right idea, they never should have just trusted the judge and should have withheld any verdict until the law was produced. I am aware of other cases where the feds and courts make up things as they go. There can never be any justice or liberty as long as we have an American KGB. I hope you will join with me and support the fair tax proposal by contacting your representatives. I think Americans should also demand that their federal representatives answer the 537 questions posed by the We The People Foundation. (see http://www.givemeliberty.org/ and click on "537 questions". Note, all Congress persons have received a copy of these questions and thus far, refuse to respond.)

    Effort to dump income tax gains steam
    Supporters look to have 100 House co-sponsors by July 4
    Posted: March 5, 2004
    1:00 a.m. Eastern

    By Ron Strom
    2004 WorldNetDaily.com
    An effort to do away with federal income tax and replace it with a national consumption tax is gaining steam, as activists strive to get at least 100 members of the House of Representatives on board by Independence Day.
    "We think we'll be at 100 co-sponsors by July 4," Tom Wright, executive director of Americans for Fair Taxation, told WND.
    Wright noted the House bill, H.R. 25, added its latest co-sponsor this week - Republican Rep. Barbara Cubin of Wyoming - bringing the total to 44.
    "We're working with our grass-roots people across the country" to get to the goal, Wright said. H.R. 25, the Fair Tax Act, is sponsored by Rep. John Linder, R-Ga., who has sponsored similar legislation for the last several years. The latest version of the bill was introduced Jan. 7, 2003.
    "The current federal income tax system is broken. Patching up the existing code is pointless. It's time for a fresh approach, a fair approach. It's time for the FairTax," says the group's website.
    "From its humble beginnings, the income tax has grown like a cancer by taxing our hard work and discouraging savings and investment."
    H.R. 25 would eliminate the federal income tax and replace it with a 23 percent consumption tax paid by the end user. That means business-to-business purchases for the production of goods and services would not be taxed. The organization estimates consumer prices will drop by an estimated 20-30 percent as a result of the change.

    For the full article : http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/ar...TICLE_ID=37435

    End of the income tax?
    Posted: August 12, 2003
    1:00 a.m. Eastern

    2003 WorldNetDaily.com
    It's in the hopper. In the last Congress, the number was HR2525. This time, it's HR25. When I speak of HR25 on my show, the residual phone calls continue for days. When I talk up HR25 during a banquet speech, the deserts remain uneaten.
    HR25 is called the Fair Tax Act of 2003, and its stated purpose is "To promote freedom, fairness and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the states.
    I've been studying and promoting this idea for nearly 17 years. I've debated each and every possible point and objection, and have almost always drawn the opposing party to my side. HR25 has 32 cosponsors and absolutely no organized opposition. This is legislation that would transform our economy and our society for the better, yet this may well be the first time you've heard of it. It's time to bring you up to speed.
    Here are the highlights. If The Fair Tax Act were to become law, the following would happen.
    1. The law establishing the federal income tax would be repealed, both for individuals and for businesses.
    2. A constitutional amendment repealing the 16th Amendment would be sent to the states for ratification.
    3. All laws providing for payroll taxes for the funding of Social Security and Medicare would be repealed.
    4. A sales tax would be instituted on the sale of all goods and services at the retail level. This retail sales tax would replace all payroll and federal income taxes.
    5. Government funding would remain at present levels, and no changes would be made to Social Security and Medicare other than the method of funding those programs.
    Does the idea sound pretty radical thus far? Stick with me a few hundred more words.
    With the passage of HR25, you would receive 100 percent of your bi-weekly paycheck. If you make $1,000 a week, your paycheck would be $2,000 every two weeks. Of that $2,000, you would only pay tax on the money you spend at the retail level. All savings and investments would be tax free. Any money you spend at the retail level would carry a 23 percent sales tax.
    Yikes! Did that man say 23 percent? Yeah, I know. It sounds awfully high, but here are some points you need to consider.

    For the full article : http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/ar...TICLE_ID=34039

    Income tax to end within few years?
    Group sees realistic chance to replace it with consumption levy
    November 26, 2002
    1:00 a.m. Eastern

    By Jon Dougherty
    2002 WorldNetDaily.com
    Legislation backed by national grass-roots efforts and constituent pressure on lawmakers over the next few years could lead to the replacement of the income tax in favor of a consumption tax, says the official spokesman for a noted tax-reform group.
    "Patriotism, as it regards our American flag, is at an all-time high," said Herman Cain of the 420,000-member Americans for Fair Taxation, or AFT. "But there's also an analogy [regarding taxes] to the American flag that isn't so patriotic."
    "When we get our paychecks with all the deductions of federal taxes, we see red," Cain, who is CEO of the Godfather's Pizza chain, told WorldNetDaily in a wide-ranging interview. "When we go to make a purchase, with the embedded, hidden taxes that are in the cost of goods and services, we see white. And then, on April 15, when we file our tax returns, we turn blue. Then, to make matters worse, when you die, your family sees stars" because of inheritance taxes, he said.
    In short, Americans are getting taxed coming and going, say AFT officials, and most people aren't even aware how much of their income goes to government - local, state and federal.

    For the full article : http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/ar...TICLE_ID=29781

    See also: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/ar...TICLE_ID=21914
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  3. by   Tweety
    But that means materialistic rich people will end up paying more in taxes than the rest of us. Aren't most of the lawmakers rich.

    Hmmm....doing the math, don't think it will ever pass.

    Nice idea though.
  4. by   WyomingRN
    Taxes - it's not about money; it's about control
    Accounts Receivable Tax
    Capital Gains Tax
    CDL license Tax
    Cigarette Tax
    Corporate Income Tax
    Court Fines (indirect taxes)
    Dog License Tax
    Federal Income Tax
    Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
    Fishing License Tax
    Food License Tax
    Fuel permit tax
    Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)
    Hunting License Tax
    Inheritance Tax Interest expense (tax on the money)
    Inventory tax IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
    IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
    Liquor Tax
    Local Income Tax
    Luxury Taxes
    Marriage License Tax
    Medicare Tax
    Property Tax
    Real Estate Tax
    Septic Permit Tax
    Service Charge Taxes
    Social Security Tax
    Road Usage Taxes (Truckers)
    Sales Taxes
    Recreational Vehicle Tax
    Road Toll Booth Taxes
    School Tax
    State Income Tax
    State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
    Telephone federal excise tax
    Telephone federal universal service fee tax
    Telephone federal, state and local surcharge taxes
    Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax
    Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax
    Telephone state and local tax
    Telephone usage charge tax
    Toll Bridge Taxes
    Toll Tunnel Taxes
    Traffic Fines (indirect taxation)
    Trailer registration tax
    Utility Taxes
    Vehicle License Registration Tax
    Vehicle Sales Tax
    Watercraft registration Tax
    Well Permit Tax
    Workers Compensation Tax
    Building Permit Taxes
    Taxes For Anything Else Not Listed Here
    COMMENTS: Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago and our nation was the most prosperous in the world, had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class in the world and Mom stayed home to raise the kids.
  5. by   wjf00
    I see one major flaw here. If this passes I will immediatly form my own company: wjf00 Inc. I will then make all purchases (scrubbs, groceries, everything) through my company. Since business to business is tax free, I will get 100% of my paycheck, no taxes! ..... the plan has a fatal flaw.
  6. by   WyomingRN
    Incorporating, in and by itself, does not and would not mean that you are a real business. There are other criteria that identify a legitimate business and the few crooks that would try this would be exposed and charged with fraud. (And probably a few other things) No doubt a few crooks would try, but not the average honest person who would rather have full control of his hard earned dollar.

    I give my fellow Americans more credit and have faith that they can handle such a change without becoming a common criminal.
  7. by   eltrip
    I hadn't heard of this. I'll be looking into it, for sure!
  8. by   nekhismom
    Sounds nice! I don't think it will get through, though. But I sure would like to eliminate a bunch of taxes altogether!