Empire Building?

  1. Anyone ready to finance the "Pax Americana? Certainly thought-provoking.

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  3. by   fergus51
    I thought it was a bit farfetched. I do think that some Americans would like to rule the world, but I think most of us know that isn't a real possibility, and Bush is going to be hardpressed to find mothers and fathers who want to send their kids to Iraq as an occupying force for the next 50 years. We're still in Germany and Japan because they're pretty nice places to be and neither country has put up a real stink about it. It sounds very much like the Manifest Destiny idea, and as far as I know the American gov't hasn't taken over all of North America yet, let alone the Middle East.

    America has to take on the role of international policeman not because there is some conspiracy for us to have an Empire, America has to do it because that's all that's left. The UN and other countries working together (like the EU) have shown time and time again that their members' political bickering or general apathy makes them rather ineffective in dealing with world conflicts (and I include both of my own countries in that). I personally don't like this fact, but it's the way it is. I think the way things are heading we are going to see America become a nation completely unconcerned with international law and one that feels justified in trying to control other countries. Not a good thing for the rest of the world.
  4. by   nurs4kids
    lol..this is ridiculous, period.

    How about it fellow American's?? Ya'll want to be one with the rest of the world?? I don't think so..
    We have enough poverty and welfare without working america taking on the weight of the third world. Most of us would just as soon stay within our borders and have everyone else stay out of ours.

    I didn't research, because I really don't care, but I'm willing to bet if you check out a few more of this guy's articles, you'll find he's totally anti-Bush and probably a hardcore Democrat. Freedom of speech includes freedom to print opinions w/o solid proof.
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    Ditto.....we have more than our share of problems right here without looking over the neighbors back yards.
  8. by   Glad2behere

    This is exactly what I have been eluding to in a lot of my posts. I do not think that it is a responsibility the US really wants, that is where I differ from the article. I do think the net outcome is the same though. No one else can or is willing to police the world, the USA has inherited the position by default from the rest of the world community. I have said in previous posts that the US may have to continue an occupation of Iraq indefinitely, and to decrease the liklihood of terrorist attacks on the homeland it will consequently be forced to engage the entire Middle East to diminish those threats. That is why I have said all along this is going to be a long ugly war. Mostly because once started, America will not feel safe until all bastions of threatening nature are weeded out. If war comes, there will be a period where as I said earlier, the USA will feel targeted just like Israel, and woe to those who think the USA will not summon all its wherewithal to counter that. The next logical step for the USA to take is neutralization of those threats. There will be no choice.

    One thing the article does emphasize and I agree with, mostly out of inference, is that the USA is not a conquering nation just for that sake alone. If that were the goal, Mexico and South America are both relatively easy acquisitions. I agree with Fergus51 that this has been thrusted on the USA by default....now let us see if power still corrupts.

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