embarrasing heat related condition

  1. Can you believe I have a heat rash sooo bad I had to make a doctors appointment. Home remedies and over the counters are not working. The worst spot is under my rather large breast. I am actually embarrassed. I think it is related to my bike riding. Went out at 6am today. My normal routine of 9am does not work in this weather.
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  3. by   hoolahan
    OK, I can tell you what to do to treat this if it is the typical "under the boobs" heat/yeast rash, but it is Rx, so you have to get the doc to order it. I got this from a dermatologist.

    Desonide lotion 0.05% (a cort)
    Spectazole oint 1% (an antifungal)
    Zeasorb powder, the plain one, not the antifungal

    First you apply the lotion, just a thin layer, and rub it in as best you can, it won't completely rub in. On top of that, and I know this sounds weird and wrong, but then apply the ointment in a thin layer. Of course you don't want to walk around all day with this slimy mush under your boobs, so then you apply Zeasorb powder on top. Again, I know it sounds uncomfortable and gross, but once you try it, it really isn't so bad.

    Zeasorb powder is wonderful stuff.This is OTC and you may have to ask the pharmacist for it, it sometimes is kept behind the counter for some reason. About $4 for typical sized bottle of powder, about the same size as a gold bond container you'd find in pharm (ie, not the super-sized)

    Once the rash clears, and trust me, it will, then you just sprinkle a little zeasorb under there everyday. I haven't had a rash ever since I have been using my daily sprinkle, and it is hotter than hades in NJ right now, I sweat like a pig in home w/o a/c in home health, and I have been in good shape. I would buy stock in this product if I could!! There is no substitue for this powder, cornstrach isn't the same, gold bond has that irritating menthol burn, I'm telling you, trust me, this stuff is different than anything else you have tried.

    Let me know if it works.
  4. by   bandaidexpert
    hoolahan is right. But, make sure you dry under there REALLY good before applying anything. Of course you knew that, sorry.
    Ahhh... the problems with being big breasted - NOT!

  6. by   oramar
    Listen, when I was young I used to be rather pleased about being big busted. Cut a fine figure in a sweater I did. Guess I was a little to smug cause now they are starting to sag and it is a nusance. All of us have taken care older women who can't take care of themselves seen those terrible under the breast conditions. I dread becoming one of them.
  7. by   night owl
    Tell you what...I've had this same rash a few times and for me I grabbed my husband's can of CRUEX and boy does that ever do the trick! Wash, rinse and dry really, really well then spray away. Use it twice a day. While the rash is still present, I tuck either a thin wash cloth or kleenex under the boob so nothing is rubbing and sweating some more to add to the whole fiasco. Then once it's cleared up I use Caldesene powder (Zeasorb powder would work too) daily to prevent the darn thing from coming back. It should be gone in a day or two...Haven't had a rash this summer yet.
    Hoolihan, It's hotter than a ****** in Jersey today...Just came from there...and I walk into my house, and my AC is sitting on the floor!!!!Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. My son sez, "The fan needs some w240!" I said, "You'll buy it now!!!"
  8. by   boggle
    Once you are healed up...............One can get really creative where one applies stick antiperspirant!!!!!
  9. by   NurseDennie
    Ah - the boob thread. I was afraid I'd missed it.

    Nipples nipples nipples. I think that's still my favorite word.

    I've always had the icky kind of boobs - I had a gyno describe them once as "Snoopy boobs." That's not fun - I mean they're friendly and play well with others, but they get TWISTED when I'm sleeping. OUCH!!


  10. by   LasVegasRN
    Dennie, I swear you crack me up! :roll
  11. by   delirium
    Bubbies bubbies bubbies....

    I usually don't get heat rash under my DDs. Sometimes, though, the skin actually BREAKS OPEN where my bra cuts into it (and its not an underwire bra, either). I've learned to get those comfort bras, and sometimes a sport bra but I don't really like the uniboob look.
    Once I remember I thought: I bet some powder would make that feel better, and actually applied perfumed talc powder (I think it was Obsession, of all things) to the open skin.
    I should have posted that under the stupid things I've done thread.
  12. by   canoehead
    Baby butt cream is soothing and made for wet areas that rub together. Of course nothing beats a cool shower, air dry and air conditioning to maximize the healing effect.
  13. by   mattsmom81
    I get that rash too in the summer under bubbies and also under my lower tummy roll....I got an old scar there which accentuates a little tummy fold .

    Once it's there it's a bugger ain't it, so I've been forced to become a 'clean and dry and baby powder freak' to prevent it.

    Also feel sorry for the elderly women...who can't keep up with this as they age.... and get the awful yeasty/fungusy rashes...

    Hoolahan, thanks for the therapeutic powder suggestion...I'll mix up a batch!!!
  14. by   LasVegasRN
    I can't find it here anymore, but I used to use Caldesene (sp?) powder under the bubbies and it worked wonderfully! After I had Emma and morphed into a marsupial, I use a light deodorant spray (because that FDS stuff is so danged expensive!) and it keeps things nice and dry down below.