Embarassing moments!

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    Embarrassing moments.

    Working as DON of a British hospital in the Canary Islands I would offer to stand in for nurses wanting special days off. They loved it and so did I. A chance to brush up on skills.
    I was working the night shift. The hospital is on the beach. Windows were open to allow a gentle breeze from the occean.
    I entered a semi-private room. Two young naval officers. One had had a hemorroidectomy, first day post op.The other admitted early am with a very questionable leg fracture. The leg had been splinted until the morning.
    Both men were awake. I asked about pain. The young man with the splinted leg was in agony. "Just a moment, I will get pain med" The other young man said "No pain nurse, it's just that the wind (In US read gas!) keeps blowing my dressing off" I promptly replied "No problem, I will close the window for you" Both men rolled around with laughter. The young man with the splint had rolled so much he suddenly had no pain and was discharged in the morning, neg. for fracture. I was never allowed to forget.
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    I was once assisting a fairly young fellow in a nursing home (in his 50's) who lay in a window bed to get up and ready for supper. He said at one point to me "pardon me for saying so Miss, but I really like the view". It was a lovely fall afternoon and you could see the autumn leaves out his window so I just figured he was commenting on that though I was a bit curious as to why he should apologize for saying so. I said something like "well, I'm glad you are enjoying it." Later on as I was doing some other cares I realized that my V-neck scrubs had a tendency to bag forward if I was leaning over giving those positioned correctly a "view" down my shirt all the way to my navel!